Event Time: 4:00 PM Madrid time

Recent developments in politics and technology have resulted in unprecedented levels of fake news and misinformation circulating in countries across the world. These developments present new challenges for policymakers, public health officials, scientists, journalists, and others responsible for communicating decision-relevant facts. In this Master Class, IE University’s School of Global and Public Affairs will discuss prominent cases of misinformation around the world, why misinformation is often so difficult to refute, and the efficacy of different approaches for correcting misinformation about politics and public health.

When? Tuesday, 11th of June, 2019 at 4:00 PM Madrid time

Registration: https://events-ecs.ie.edu/event/the-challenge-of-misinformation-around-the-world


D.J. Flynn is Assistant Professor of Political Science at IE School of Global and Public Affairs. Before coming to IE, Flynn was a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Program in Quantitative Social Science at Dartmouth College and received his PhD in political science from Northwestern University. His research focuses on misinformation, public opinion, and survey and experimental methodology. Most of his ongoing research uses survey and field experiments to study how misinformation distorts important aspects of democratic politics, including public opinion, representation, and accountability. Professor Flynn teaches courses on public opinion, political communication, and quantitative methods.

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