Why did you choose to study at SSE?
I knew that I wanted to do my Master’s outside of Germany and I always was curious about going to Sweden as I have heard so many great things about the country and its people. I chose SSE as it is a high-ranked and reputable business school located in a city with a vibrant business community and start-up scene. The chance to earn a double degree through the CEMS program definitely also influenced my decision.

How have you experienced your program so far?
It’s great and really challenging. Besides regular lectures the first semester was packed with many different assignments and group projects. But I really enjoy it as I am learning a lot and because we have so many great people with many different backgrounds in our program. This makes studying and working together being real fun.

How do the classes differ from where you studied before?
The classes are much smaller and a lot more interactive. We have many group assignments and projects both in-class and together with corporate partners. We also have guest lectures regularly by alumni in leading positions, who share with us their insights into many different fields. This is really inspiring and unique.

What are the teachers like?
The professors show a lot of dedication to the subject they teach. They always incorporate the latest research findings and business insights and always ask students for their feedback. This is something I really appreciate. Another is the interaction with them: it’s always on a really personal level and everybody calls each other by their first name, which creates a great atmosphere.

How is it to live in Stockholm?
Located directly by the water, Stockholm is a beautiful city – especially in summer. People really enjoy life here and everybody is quite laidback and very nice. I live in Södermalm, a very hip place where a lot of bars, restaurants and clubs are located. But the city centre has so much more to offer for every kind of interest. For example, I want to try out sailing in summer which you can do in the middle of the city and I really look forward to that.

What are you planning to do after graduation?
I haven’t thought about it so much yet. I am very interested in business development, especially connected to Mobile- and E-Commerce. I also have previous experience in the automotive industry, so that also would be an option. However, as long as the task is challenging, exciting and in an international environment I am pretty much open for anything.

Steven Eigner from Germany
MSc in Business & Management, 2nd year