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The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

The primary aim of The Fletcher School is the same as it was when conceived by its founders in 1933. Fletcher offers a broad program of professional education in international relations to a select group of graduate students committed to maintaining the stability and prosperity of a complex, challenging, and increasingly global society.

Our mission remains:

  • To educate professionals from around the world and to prepare them for positions of leadership and influence in the national and international arenas;
  • To increase understanding of international problems and concerns through teaching, research, and publications;
  • To serve local, national, and international communities in their search to develop relationships of mutual benefit, security, and justice in an increasingly interdependent world.

Degree Programs

  • Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Law in International Laws
  • Master of Arts in Transatlantic Affairs
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Global Master of Arts Program

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Recently I made a relatively brief mention of the waitlist in discussing all the types of admissions decisions our applicants receive. The waitlist tends to generate a lot of questions, and I figured it would be worthwhile to dig into it a bit more. The unavoidable truth is that the waitlist involves waiting, and waiting means uncertainty. So, while I’ll do my best to answer some of the most common waitlist questions, prepare yourself for the fact that many answers come down to some version of a non-committal “maybe” or “it depends.”

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I had the great pleasure of catching up with my former colleague, blog mentor, and friend Jessica the other day. To long time readers who miss her voice here, I’m happy to report she’s doing very well, and misses you all, too. Among the many things we chatted about was the ongoing scandal in the undergrad admissions process at several major US institutions, and Jessica was kind enough to blogify her thoughts on the subject.

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With decisions out and many applicants in conversation with our team about enrollment logistics and financial planning, one unspoken but obvious reader query has been hovering over this blog for the past week or so: what’s the latest with the snowman?

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Scholarship funding is on many applicants’ minds around this time of year, for good reason. I’ve written recently about the importance of working on a broad-based financial plan, and most applicants hope that scholarship funding will make up as large a part of that plan as possible. Each year the release of admissions decisions triggers a deluge of requests for scholarship reconsideration and increased funding, and I figured a bit of detail on how our process works (and more specifically, why it works the way it does) could be helpful.

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With the bulk of this year’s admissions decisions recently released, it’s time to be thinking about a financial strategy for grad school. Our hope, in fact, is that applicants planning on fall 2019 enrollment have already been working on this for some time, at least conceptually. Pointing out that U.S. higher education is a significant investment is as obvious as noting that Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t pulling for Green Book to win Best Picture. As such, it’s crucial to think expansively about potential sources of funding.

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Spring break is still over a week away, and the weather of late certainly hasn’t indicated that winter is leaving anytime soon, but that hasn’t stopped Fletcher students from taking a study break to make the best of our latest round of snow. This fellow showed up outside of Ginn Library this week, ready with a flimsy high five and general good cheer for passers-by, and even sporting a dash of Fletcher orange.

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