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Global Business and Microfinance Internship in Nepal

The Global Business and Microfinance Internship in Nepal, hosted by the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs and in partnership with the Grameen Bank & Trust, is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to engage with top-tier institutions in the country. Participating students are able to intern with one of the following institutions in Nepal:

Niti Foundation
Kriti Capital & Investments Ltd.
Samriddhi Foundation
Policy Entrepreneurs Inc.

Past interns have actively engaged in the local community while conducting research on various policy ideas to promote entrepreneurship and microfinance opportunities in Nepal.

Apply online at In addition to completing the online application, interested candidates will need to submit the following: A cover letter A copy of your Curriculum Vitae A current scanned copy of a passport size picture A scanned copy of your valid and not expired passport An official endorsement/referral letter from your supervisor, professor, or the department head of your university A 250-500 word essay describing your expectations, objectives, and interest in the Nepal Global Business and Microfinance Student Internship Program A copy of your full academic transcript from your current university or learning institution or (if no academic record is available from your current university or learning institution) other universities or institutions which you graduated from earlier