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Kerry Campbell earned her Masters of International Studies from the Elliott School of International Affairs in May 2016. Prior to enrolling at the Elliott School, Kerry completed her MSc in the Theory and History of International Relations from The London School of Economics and Political Science. Her master’s thesis was on the international agreements affecting the Middle East at the conclusion of World War I. While at the Elliott School, Kerry served as a Pathways Intern with the Department of Justice as well as served as a tutor for other Elliott grad students. Kerry holds a BA in Political Science and History from Christopher Newport University.

Describe your current position and what are your primary responsibilities?

As an HR Specialist with the federal government, I post jobs for federal service and complete a variety of tasks for the department, with both a domestic and an international focus.

What are the current trends driving the future of your career field and what advice would you provide an Elliott School graduate student that is interested in your field of work?

Trends in the field are constantly adapting and evolving. I would advise anybody interested in federal service to stay flexible. At first glance, a job might not appear to be your dream job but the position might be really interesting. Pursue the classes and internships that interest you and you’d be surprised how relevant something random can become in the future.

 When you need inspiration, you … ?

Read! Whether it’s a biography, an Economist article, or a book of fiction, reading allows me to put aside what I’m working on and gives me the opportunity to appreciate the world around me, both real and imagined.

 If you could travel anywhere in the cosmos, outside of Earth, where would you go and why?

I would love to visit Jupiter and have the opportunity to see its famous Great Red Spot and faint rings. Scientists are still discovering all the impacts Jupiter has had on the development of our solar system. As a bonus, the opportunity to pass through the Main Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter would be pretty cool too!

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