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Santiago Luna was a Slim Scholarship recipient and graduated with a Master’s degree in Global Communication from the Elliott School in May 2017. Since graduating, he has been a LEAN startup methodology professor at the University of Guadalajara’s school of management and helped 5 projects and businesses including EcoCredit, a nascent loan-management Software;, the largest LGBT+ community platform in the MENA region; and 3 doctors based in Mexico who have sought to attract more international patients. Prior to GW, he graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM) with a B.S. in Sociology. He has worked as a researcher, facilitator of trade with commercial enterprises in China, and founder and general manager to a theater company called Casablanca Teatro.

Describe your current position and what are your primary responsibilities?

Currently, I am an independent marketing consultant helping emerging Mexican businesses grow globally. My primary responsibilities involve developing digital growth marketing strategies and managing freelancers who carry out the marketing efforts of such strategies. Most of the strategies I have designed have focused on implementing digital marketing tactics (Email, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media).

 What are the current trends driving the future of your career field and what advice would you provide an Elliott School graduate student that is interested in your field of work?

Communications are becoming ever more customized, and quantifying both PR and Marketing is becoming increasingly more important. Although PR is not as easily quantifiable as marketing (especially digital marketing), the ability to scale up the communications efforts in organizations (anywhere from email newsletters and events on Eventbrite to social media accounts and press releases) has a lot to do with data analysis. Data analysis enables one to not only measure audience engagement but also to test different kinds of content and to further segment your audience and optimize your communications. In the end, data analysis is essential to effectively develop and measure Key Performance Indicators, which, even though they are typically associated with start-ups, can be leveraged in public sector and PR communications –if your goal is to grow. Taking classes like research methods or skill courses like Social Media has helped me acquire valuable skills. I think Elliot School graduates who go into any sector could benefit from quantitative and technical skill classes to reach better opportunities.

When you need inspiration, you … ?

Listen to music, ignore my phone, go for a walk, breathe deeply, and maybe dance a little.

 If you were a box of cereal, what kind would you be and why?

Oatmeal Crisp, as I’m a humble person who enjoys all sweet things in life but endeavors to keep them at balance.

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