Here is more information regarding some frequent inquiries we have been receiving as we approach the December 3 Master’s programs admission application deadline. 

As noted in a previous entry, once an applicant has filled in all the parts of the online application and uploaded the necessary documents, the last page displayed is the application review page. This is your opportunity to make
sure you have submitted all required materials and have not missed any
requested information.

Here is a rather blurry
screenshot of a test application. Reading the words is not important here,
I just want to highlight the sections. In this case, only one question on the application has been answered so
there is a lot missing. Your review page will not look like this at the end. 


The “Section” column is
clickable – it will direct you to the page with the missing information. The
next column describes the missing information in detail.

The items listed in red (top half of the page) are required.
You must go back in to the application and complete these questions
to submit your application. The items listed in orange (bottom half of the
page) are optional and are not required for submission.

Again, if something is in the section highlighted in orange (potential problems), you will still be able to submit your application without the information provided. 

Question: I submitted multiple test scores for the same test, or multiple test types. May I ask that you delete certain scores that were sent?

No, we will not delete test scores that have been reported to us.

Question: Is it okay if I, the applicant, submit a letter of recommendation written by a recommender?

No, we only accept letters submitted directly from recommenders, and such letters must either be uploaded into our system by the recommender or sent to us via postal mail by the recommender. If letters are mailed, they must have a postmark of December 3 or earlier. While our preference is that the letters be on company letterhead, this is not a requirement. 

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