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IE School of Global and Public Affairs is committed to creating global leaders who are ready to face the future, creating a world governed for all while constantly adapting to change. The framework for our programs are upheld by the school’s three pillars: teaching, research and the educational ecosystem. Through these pillars, we cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset for solving the real issues confronted in the modern world; inspire innovation and understanding of current technologies; and promote diversity and synergies in our global society.

We prepare future graduates to step forward on the world stage with a comprehensive understanding of how global international relations, economics and development, and public policy affect societies, businesses, technology, trade, politics and more. Students will gain insight into the intersection of the public and private sectors, the Atlantic world, and its global dimension and the complex interactions among innovation, technology, and society.

Whether you’re just starting out on your educational journey or continuing your academic growth, IE School of Global and Public Affairs has the perfect program for you. Our programs range from comprehensive bachelor’s degrees to specialized master’s degrees for professionals looking to upgrade their skills. We train students with experiential hands-on learning, preparing them to become the next generation of leaders in the public and private sectors around the globe. Professionals who want to deepen their understanding of the international arena, experienced workers looking for a career change and new students alike will gain the skills they need to impact global interactions.

Degree Programs

  • Master in International Relations
  • Dual Degree International MBA & Master in International Relations
  • Dual Degree Master in Management & Master in International Relations

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Gana la libertad. Gana Europa. Francia se aleja del caos. Europa respira. Gana Macron en la primera vuelta. La victoria de Emmanuel Macron en esta primera vuelta ha supuesto un enorme alivio para todos los demócratas. Francia estaba en entredicho y no podía permitirse el lujo de navegar en las procelosas aguas del populismo que […]

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Francia ha sido golpeada de nuevo por un ataque terrorista. Esta vez en el centro de París y a pocos días de la primera ronda de las elecciones presidenciales. Al margen de las graves consecuencias inmediatas, como la pérdida de vidas o los daños materiales producidos por el propio ataque, lo realmente preocupante es la […]

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One would not expect the secretary of defense routinely to inspect the sentries and walk point on patrols, but, in effect, that is what the secretary of state has to do. He is the chief executive of a department numbering in the tens of thousands, and a budget in the tens of billions; but he […]

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    On January 30th, students from the Bachelor and Master in International Relations had the unique opportunity to dialogue with a true man of peace, former President of Timor-Leste (2007-2012) José Ramos-Horta. On his way to Bogota, where he had been invited by President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, to help him in the […]

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MIR Blogpost #2 | 22.01.2017 Looking back on the Sciences Po experience  While our 2015-2016 classmates are already fully settled in cities like Chicago, Geneva, London and Doha; those of us who received the opportunity to pursue an exchange semester are wrapping up our Master Degree just now. One thing I can definitely say: it […]

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    Written by Alejandro Pereda, MIR 2017 Candidate One of the most distinctive traits of IE as a community and as a space of intellectual growth, is the opportunity to interact and learn from the exemplary leaders and practitioners in the field, from individuals who actually make and execute policies, projects and who have a unique […]

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