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One of the most prestigious schools in Europe, “among the grandest” (The Economist), Sciences Po has cultivated the minds of leading government officials, diplomats, and key international stakeholders for over a century. The teaching of international affairs has always been of strategic importance to Sciences Po. As early as 1872, the Ecole libre des sciences politiques created a “section” which then became the “Section internationale,” and welcomed more than 30% of foreign students. Consolidating this tradition of excellence, the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), established in 2010, offers world leaders of tomorrow an innovative and comprehensive grounding in international affairs.
Corresponding with his life-long career on the international scene Dean Enrico LETTA, former Prime Minister of Italy, is furthering his commitment to the future of global affairs by fostering the development of PSIA, the largest professional school of international affairs in Europe.

A global school based in Paris, PSIA attracts the best students and faculty world-wide, and has an international student population that exceeds 70%. With 1500 students coming from 100 different countries, PSIA is the only school of international affairs in France, and the largest in Europe.

70% of courses are offered in English to the entire student body. Consequently, even students without prior understanding of French may follow a full course of study at PSIA and take this opportunity to learn or improve their French skills and become multilingual. Additionally, in-house language training is available in over 15 foreign languages.

World-renowned professors, leading regional experts and practitioners have joined PSIA to teach over 350 courses annually in the most salient fields of international affairs. The PSIA curriculum interlaces conceptual foundations and current scholarship, with the most up-to-date operational training and best practices. Students frequently interact with world leaders and scholars through PSIA’s extensive series of public events. Graduates will have completed the two-year program, including a full semester internship, well-positioned to pursue high-profile careers across continents, and to join the dense network of Sciences Po alumni.

PSIA offers a choice of 8 two-year master’s programs in the most salient fields of international affairs. A one-year Master in Advanced Global Studies is also offered to mature professionals in all the fields of PSIA.

PSIA students graduate with a master’s degree in a primary field, and transcending the confines of intellectual silos, select two concentrations:

Regional | Africa | China and East Asia | Europe | Latin America | Middle East | North America | Russia | South and Central Asia

Thematic | Agriculture | Defense and Security Economics | Diplomacy | Emerging Economies | Environment | Global Economic Policy | Global Health | Global Risks | Human Rights | Intelligence | International Energy | Methods | Migrations | Project Management | Research Track in Political Science

10 international dual degree programs with prestigious universities are also offered by PSIA:
Bocconi University | Columbia University – SIPA | Freie Universitat | Georgetown Law | King’s College London | London School of Economics | MGIMO | Peking University | University of Saint-Gallen | Stockholm School of Economics

Degree Programs

  • Master of Arts in International Security
  • Master of Arts in International Public Management
  • Master of Arts in International Economic Policy
  • Master of Arts in Environmental Policy
  • Master of Arts in International Development
  • Master of Arts in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action
  • Master of Arts in International Energy
  • Master of Arts in Journalism and International Affairs

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