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Tufts University

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

The primary aim of The Fletcher School is the same as it was when conceived by its founders in 1933. Fletcher offers a broad program of professional education in international relations to a select group of graduate students committed to maintaining the stability and prosperity of a complex, challenging, and increasingly global society.

Our mission remains:

  • To educate professionals from around the world and to prepare them for positions of leadership and influence in the national and international arenas;
  • To increase understanding of international problems and concerns through teaching, research, and publications;
  • To serve local, national, and international communities in their search to develop relationships of mutual benefit, security, and justice in an increasingly interdependent world.

Degree Programs

  • Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
  • Master of Arts (for mid-career professionals)
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Law in International Laws
  • Master of Arts in Transatlantic Affairs (with the College of Europe)
  • Master of Science in Cyber Security and Public Policy
  • Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Economics
  • Global Master of Arts Program
  • Master of Global Business Administration

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Wrapping up our first-year student updates is Manaved, who recaps his experience on the recent New York City career trip, one of the major annual events sponsored by the Office of Career Services.

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Today we check in with Gioia, now entering her final (!) Fletcher semester. She had a typically jam-packed fall, with lots of updates for blog readers.

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It’s time to check in with our group of student bloggers, starting today with 2nd-year MALD Lisa. As is usually the case with 2nd-year students, it feels like she just got here yesterday, and it’s hard to imagine she’s now entering her final Fletcher semester. As you’ll see, she remains busy as ever.

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It’s Monday after the application deadline, which means a big thanks to all of you who recently submitted applications for fall 2020 enrollment. We’re grateful for the work you put in to meet our deadlines, and you should feel entitled to take a bit of a breather for a few days.

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Just a formality at this point, friends. I surely need not remind you any further that the application deadline is TODAY. 11:59:59 EST, to be exact, but let’s not get overly literal here. I can assure you that there is very little value in waiting until the actual last minute of the deadline to submit, and that doing so is likely to create quite a lot of additional anxiety for you.

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Today, some thoughts from LLM student Prayank on his first-semester courses and faculty. Enrolled Fletcher students are able to access past students’ course reviews to help them in the course selection process, and I’m grateful to Prayank for giving some similar insight to our prospective student readers!

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