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Tufts University

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

The primary aim of The Fletcher School is the same as it was when conceived by its founders in 1933. Fletcher offers a broad program of professional education in international relations to a select group of graduate students committed to maintaining the stability and prosperity of a complex, challenging, and increasingly global society.

Our mission remains:

  • To educate professionals from around the world and to prepare them for positions of leadership and influence in the national and international arenas;
  • To increase understanding of international problems and concerns through teaching, research, and publications;
  • To serve local, national, and international communities in their search to develop relationships of mutual benefit, security, and justice in an increasingly interdependent world.

Degree Programs

  • Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
  • Master of Arts (for mid-career professionals)
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Law in International Laws
  • Master of Arts in Transatlantic Affairs (with the College of Europe)
  • Master of Science in Cyber Security and Public Policy
  • Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Economics
  • Global Master of Arts Program
  • Master of Global Business Administration

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Thinking about Grad School? Searching for an international career in the private, public, or non-governmental sector? Whether you’ve just started your search or have a […]

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Certain spaces just feel “important” somehow. There’s nowhere at Fletcher for which that’s more true than the Murrow Memorial Room, named in honor of famed broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow.

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Some Fletcher students might feel like they spend pretty much all their time in Ginn Library, or at least trawling its wealth of virtual resources in our remote environment. It makes a lot of sense that Ginn is a focal point of student life at Fletcher, and it’s much more than dusty old stacks of books.

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Welcome to ASEAN Auditorium, located off the mezzanine of the Hall of Flags.

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Regular blog readers may recall a few posts back in early June beginning a virtual tour of Fletcher. Ah, early June, not even three full months into our pandemic-adjusted lifestyles! At the time, I wanted to be sure that incoming and prospective students who might normally try to visit campus in the summer for a look around had something of an alternative option until the broader implications of the COVID-19 crisis became clear. As things progressed and the time horizon of our remote situation got longer, though, focusing on our physical space that no one could access for the foreseeable future started to feel a bit tone-deaf. So to the back-burner this series went.

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Another introduction today, though with some added context. We’re so excited to have Laura joining our team, though she’s by no means new to Fletcher, as you’ll see.

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I always love the opportunity to introduce new members of our team. Henry joined us about a month ago; in addition to the normal challenges of starting a new job, Henry is faced with the added challenge of doing so in a remote environment. Pandemic conditions aside, we’re thrilled to welcome Henry to our team!

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