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University of Denver

Josef Korbel School of International Studies

As one of the top-ranked schools for international relations and public policy, the Korbel School offers a hands-on approach to learning that seeks to contribute to a sustainable world—and today our mission is more important than ever.

We are taking on the great challenges of our time: making the global economy more equitable and inclusive, responding to new and emerging security threats, advancing human rights and social justice, combating climate change and promoting healthy democracy.

Degree Programs

  • MA in Conflict Resolution
  • MA in Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration
  • MA in International Administration
  • MA in International Development
  • MA in Human Rights
  • MA in International Security
  • MA in International Studies
  • MA in International Intercultural Communications
  • Master of Public Policy
  • Certificate in Global Business and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Certificate in Global Health Affairs
  • Certificate in Homeland Security
  • Certificate in Humanitarian Assistance
  • Certificate in Religion and International Affairs

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“It’s not the chaos, but the dark and hostile tone.”Toshihiro Nakayama, one of Japan’s most famous TV political commentators, has covered America’s two Donald Trump elections. In 2016, in surprise, he stopped commentary for more than a minute when the …

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On November 11, join the conversation of the U.S. election results, the recent change in government in Japan, and their foreign policy impacts on the U.S.-Japanese alliance and policy in the Indo-Pacific region.Returning is frequent Korbel School speak…

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The Nov. 4th post-Election Day video on “What Happened? Why? What’s Next?” is now ready for viewing. On Nov. 4th, Korbel School Dean Fritz Mayer and Pollster and Professor Floyd Ciruli reviewed the results, the final polling and the political implicati…

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On November 11, join the conversation on the foreign policy impacts of the U.S. election results and its effect on the U.S.-Japanese alliance and policy in the Indo-Pacific region.Returning is former Dean and frequent Korbel School speaker, Ambassador …

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The Crossley Center with the Korbel School and University of Denver are committed to a program that informs the electorate about the issues and political environment and provides opportunities for public engagement. The Friends of the Crossley Center h…

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Many Friends of the Crossley Center have requested the videos of the election Zoom programs held this October. They are now ready for viewing. Join Professor Ciruli as he hosts Election Central programs. Forecasting and Who Wins the Presidency and…

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