US Space Force Professional Military Education Faculty

This is a position on the US Space Force Professional Military Education faculty in Washington, DC. The primary duty is teaching senior military officers, international fellows, and civilians in one or more of the following areas: spacepower, leadership, joint warfighting, joint global campaigning, strategic studies, security studies, theories of war and peace, military history, modern warfare studies. Duties also include original research, advising students, service, and curriculum development.


Teaches in core and elective courses covering joint, multi-agency, and multinational military actions occurring across the range of military operations and future conflict areas. Accomplishes teaching duties in classroom, exercises, and wargame environments. Provides detailed feedback to students and documentation of student progress; instructs students in a seminar environment in core course, elective course, regional studies program, and other core courses as determined by SSS and WSS requirements. Produces curriculum under Joint PME and Space Delta 13 guidance for core, elective, and regional studies courses including curriculum content, instructional methods/material, and testing/evaluation instruments. Supports curriculum production and lesson development to include authoring/selecting readings, building scope sheet/faculty guides, sourcing speakers (if required), conducting faculty workshops, and preparing exercises/wargames/case studies meeting suspense and conformance guidance.

Serves as subject matter expert and advisor to Space Delta 13 on subjects of relevance to academic background and teaching areas. Engages in professional research and writing in areas of expertise. Actively seeks publication of book manuscripts as well as scholarly works such as articles, monographs, and book reviews for publication in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, professional journals, and other outlets. Presents results of research at appropriate conferences and symposia. Supervises and advises student research in course work, research projects, and professional studies papers. Serves in faculty positions supporting personnel and programs as determined by program directors, the Dean of Space Education, or the Detachment 3 Commandant. Delivers lectures, conducts seminars, participates in panel discussions related to SSS and WSS curriculum and in area of expertise at various institutions such as other professional military education schools, civilian institutions, and other learned societies. Attends conferences and workshops to acquire relevant material for inclusion into SSS and WSS courses. Counsels and advises students on academics and professional development.

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