Ethics and Governance Committee Leadership Support (Individual Consultant)

Role Specification and Description of Services

Preparation of Briefing Packs for Committee Leadership:
Receive and consolidate briefings and relevant materials from the Governance Team or other Secretariat colleagues, as relevant.
Consolidate talking points in liaison with the Governance Officer based on input received.
As needed, draft simple talking points/adjust talking points to personal style of Committee Leadership.
Task management: track and monitor tasks outstanding with the Leadership, enabling timely follow-up and feedback by Committee Leadership to the Governance Team.
Comprehensive scheduling management for the Committee leadership, in liaison with Legal and Governance Department.
Keep track of Global Fund schedules involving the relevant Committee, the Coordinating Group and the Board.
Coordinate availability of Committee Leadership for ad-hoc/additional formal and informal calls/meetings
Support yearly planning of engagements of Committee Leadership
Manage calendar of Committee Chair/Vice-Chair, as required
Conference calls and meeting logistics: facilitate the Leadership’s participation in conference calls and videoconferences, including coordination on scheduling, following up to ensure attendance, and preparation and/or collation of materials and documentation required for effective participation.
Read and prepare summaries and analysis of Committee and Board papers and constituency statements, as required by the Leadership, and in line with the independent nature of the role.
Observe informal bilaterals joined by Leadership and take notes as aide memoires for Committee Leadership, and share readouts in a timely manner with the Governance Team and other parties as appropriate.
Support the Leadership transition at the end of the term, collaborating with the Governance Team to ensure effective handover and off-boarding.
Other coordination and support tasks as required and assigned by LGD in liaison with Committee Leadership.


Experience in a front office environment, providing support at the most senior levels.
Experience in international, governmental or non-governmental organizations.
Experience working in the field of global health strongly preferred.
Experience supporting a someone in leadership position or Board Member in a governance context highly desirable.


University degree in a relevant field.
Understanding of key issues in global health and the Global Health architecture.
Familiarity with key issues and subject matter areas under consideration by the relevant committee.
Effective written and verbal communication skills in English. Other languages an advantage.
Excellent organization, coordination and planning skills
Strong scheduling skills
Strong IT skills (Word, Excel, database, PowerPoint and Outlook)
Proactive and dynamic with the ability to work with multiple priorities in a fast-moving environment.
Collaborative approach and ability to work with colleagues based in other countries
Ability to respect and maintain strict confidentiality requirements.
Availability to travel internationally
More details of the consultancy can be found by downloading the RFP from (under the Open Tenders Tab)


Proposal submissions and all communication should be sent through the TGF Sourcing Application.
Bidders are required to submit their proposals in the following URL for Sourcing Application:
Bidders should request a Supplier ID to access the TGF Sourcing Application to participate in the RFP by sending an email at least 48 hours before the RFP Closing Time to the following title in the subject:
“TGF-23-3 – Request for login user ID creation in TGF Sourcing / iSupplier portal – “Bidder’s organization name” and the following details:
Bidder full name: < organization name>
Contact person name: <Last Name, First Name>
Title: <Mr./ Mrs./ Ms./ Dr.>
Address: <Address line 1; Address line 2; Address line 3; City; Postal code; Country
DUNS #: <Enter the DUNS # of your organization here>
The proposal submitted by the Bidder should be in English, should be concisely presented and structured, and should explain in detail the Bidder’s availability, ability, capacity and resources to provide the requested services. Proposals that are incomplete or not responsive to these criteria may not be considered in the review process.

Technical Proposal
The technical proposal should include:

Curriculum vitae (4 pages maximum)
Motivation letter outlining ability and capacity
1-3 reference(s) for similar contract(s): contact details of minimum 1 to 3 former clients/referees
Technical proposal must be attached in the “Technical Proposal” section under Requirements in the TGF Sourcing application.

Cost Proposal:
The daily rate in US Dollars must be submitted under the line requirement in the platform.

Cost proposals must be a fully inclusive daily rate per working day in US Dollars.
Proposals will be evaluated in terms of best value to the Global Fund, price and other factors considered.
Cost proposal must be attached in the ” Cost Proposal” section under the line in the TGF Sourcing application.

More details and other requirements of the consultancy can be found by downloading the RFP from (under the Open Tenders Tab)