Career Guide

Conflict Resolution

The field of conflict resolution draws from anthropology, sociology, political science, law, and other disciplines to analyze the causes of war and systemic oppression. Practitioners explore ways to maximize justice while minimizing violence. The field is distinguished by a concern for the methods of peace and peacemaking.

Organizations that seek to resolve conflicts look for staff with backgrounds in training and facilitation, research, education, community service, campaigning and organizing, program design and management, and intercultural diplomacy.

Pro Tip:

Obtain experience through international fellowship programs in a post-conflict country, a non-violence initiative in a nearby community, or with your university’s office of mediation.

Skill Sets & Experience

  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral

  • Critical thinking

  • Foreign language proficiency

  • Functional expertise in areas such as: marketing, writing, editing, media relations, graphic design, or social media

  • Cross-cultural communication skills