The world is interconnected. Trade; communication technologies; health and security concerns; our shared environment; and personal relationships tie us all together.

Careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors demand professionals who reflect and understand that interdependence. Graduate schools of international affairs help you to weave these different strands together — and set you apart from other candidates.

International affairs programs equip graduates with an understanding of regions, languages, and global trends. They provide skills in project management; problem solving; teamwork; and analysis. Cross-cultural training is not an add-on to the curriculum; rather, students live it every day as they mix with classmates from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Employers seek professionals who can find order in chaos; who can contextualize, and connect ideas; who inspire others; who can create the future as the world changes around them.

Master the underlying principles of this
interconnected world.
Be a change-maker. Make a difference.


I want to travel the world.
I want to help communicate across ALL boundaries.
I want to make a difference.