Why International Affairs

Global Perspectives

Effecting Global Change

The world is interconnected. Trade; communication technologies; health and security concerns; our shared environment; and personal relationships tie us all together.

Careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors demand professionals who reflect and understand that interdependence. Graduate schools of international affairs help you to weave these different strands together — and set you apart from other candidates.

International affairs programs equip graduates with an understanding of regions, languages, and global trends. They provide skills in project management; problem solving; teamwork; and analysis. Cross-cultural training is not an add-on to the curriculum; rather, students live it every day as they mix with classmates from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Employers seek professionals who can find order in chaos; who can contextualize, and connect ideas; who inspire others; who can create the future as the world changes around them.

Master the underlying principles of this interconnected world.

Be a change-maker.
Make a difference.

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Boston University
Christine An’s Cinematic Journey

Christine An’s Cinematic Journey

Christine An (BA IR ’24) debuted "At What Cost" sharing her journey balancing family, passion, and education. Her intentional path forged a dual degree film/IR, shaping her into a global storyteller...

Don’t be a bystander. Make a difference. Across the globe.

The camaraderie and collegiality of all member schools, including the sharing of ideas, challenges, [and] best practices has helped us to develop our Career Development Program, Professional Development Committee, Career Treks to Washington DC, and many others.

— David Robertson, Director of Career Services, University of California San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy

We routinely use the APSIA network to recruit for highly talented graduates to join our agency and accomplish our mission.

— Office Director, Federal Agency