Career Guide

Energy & Environmental Sustainability

The intersection of energy and environmental stability is a growing area of interest for the public, private, and non-governmental sectors. International development organizations are exploring how sustainable sources of energy can drive economic growth. In the private sector, there is an increased focus on energy and environmental issues as they relate to supply chain management, transportation costs, and corporate responsibility. There is also growing concern around the relationship between natural resources, regional conflict, and national security. The interrelationship between environmental and energy issues will continue to provide new and challenging opportunities across sectors for international affairs graduates.

Pro Tip:

Generally, positions in the energy and environmental sustainability fields require some form of technical experience. Look for internships with energy or sustainable development firms that can provide exposure to common terminology and technologies used in the field.

Skill Sets & Experience

  • Functional expertise in areas such as: environmental science, engineering, or industry regulations

  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral

  • Quantitative analysis

  • Understanding of policy processes

  • Foreign language proficiency