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Liz Skokan (MA 2019)

Liz Skokan

MA ’19

International Development

Liz applied for admission to Johns Hopkins SAIS after the school was recommended by several professionals she knew in the economics field. Her long-term goal is to become an economic officer in the U.S. foreign service.

Prior to attending the school, Liz spent several years working in finance and compliance law. In addition, she has previously been employed on Capitol Hill and at a non-profit organization focusing on issues concerning solar power on a global scale.

At the school, Liz is a member of the Development Society. She is also participated in the Israel Trek, where she learned about social entrepreneurship and renewable energy.

After graduation, Liz will begin her process of application to the U.S. foreign service. In the meantime, she intends to work at a non-profit organization focusing on economic development.