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Pardee Students Gain Insights and Connections in Washington D.C. Networking Trip

Graduate students from the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies embarked on a comprehensive educational journey during a recent trip to Washington D.C. Over the course of five days, the group explored various aspects of international affairs, including humanitarian causes, global economic challenges, peacebuilding efforts, and defense research.

The trip kicked off with discussions with policymakers and visits to prominent international organizations such as Refugee International and the IMF. Reflecting on the experience, MAIA Candidate Tyra Bobic described it as “enriching and eye-opening,” while Sonia Liang, Director of Career Services, commended the students for their insightful questions and passion for making a difference.

Subsequent days included visits to institutions like the Center for Global Development, the Pentagon, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the World Bank. These visits provided invaluable insights into international security research, career pathways, and the mission of various organizations.

Students expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with experts in the field and gain firsthand experience in global diplomacy, security, economics, and humanitarian efforts. They also highlighted the importance of building genuine connections and exploring diverse career paths in international affairs.

The trip concluded with visits to NPR and FTI Consulting, offering insights into international journalism and public affairs. Throughout the journey, students expressed their eagerness to leverage their learnings to contribute positively to the field of international affairs.

Reflecting on the experience, Deidra Gibson, a Master’s candidate in International Affairs, emphasized the value of meeting individuals who are actively working to better global initiatives. She expressed hope that the connections forged during the trip would continue to benefit future students.

Michael Tozeski, another MAIA candidate, thanked the Pardee School for organizing the memorable networking week and expressed excitement for future opportunities to foster meaningful connections.

Sophia Coleman, a Program Analyst at USAID, shared her gratitude for being part of an alumni panel during the trip, highlighting the importance of reconnecting with the BU community in D.C.

Amaury Heintz, an MAIA candidate, described the trip as a remarkable chance to engage with world-class leaders and diplomats, expressing gratitude to the organizations and individuals who hosted them.

Matt Hurley, also an MAIA candidate, expressed appreciation for the investment the grad program has made in its students, stating, “This was an invaluable trip and I cannot be more excited for the future of my colleagues, my new friends, and the organization as a whole. want to thank Dean of Pardee Scott Taylor, Sonia Liang, Kate Taylor, Ambassador Mark C. Storella, and the inspirational Manpreet Singh. I also want to thank all the practitioners, diplomats, leaders, legislators, executives, and alumni that gave their time to speak with us.”:

Overall, the trip provided students with a unique opportunity to gain firsthand insights into various facets of international affairs and to network with professionals in the field.