APSIA Brings Together The Community Of Leading Professional Schools Of International Affairs.

Why Join APSIA?

APSIA is a catalyst for building understanding, prosperity, peace and security in the world. We connect, elevate, and promote the leading professional schools of international affairs. Through their work with APSIA, members and affiliates transform their programs into even-more effective training grounds for leaders.

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Membership Levels

APSIA offers two levels of participation:

  • Members are autonomous graduate-level schools/entities that meet all of APSIA’s membership criteria. Members have a vote in the Council of Members. They may serve as officers or committee members within the Association. Members regularly learn from and contribute to our community through in-person and online activities. They may join in APSIA’s recruitment, career services, alumni, and promotional events. The annual membership fee is US$7,500.
  • Affiliate Status is available for graduate-level entities that do not wish to seek membership or do not meet all of the requirements. Affiliates learn from and contribute to our community through in-person and online activities. Affiliates cannot vote in the Council of Members. They cannot participate in most of APSIA’s events. The annual affiliate fee is US$2,000.

Membership Criteria

APSIA members demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

  • An educational program of high academic quality,
  • A substantial and demonstrated commitment to the study of international affairs,
  • A commitment to graduate professional training,
  • At least one master’s degree program requiring two years of academic coursework to complete,
  • At least three classes graduated from its two-year master’s degree program, and
  • Significant autonomy within a major university.
  • Applicants must indicate for which level of connection they wish to apply during the application process.

Application Process

  • Prospective applicants submit an initial inquiry form.
  • APSIA conducts a pre-review to determine eligibility.
  • If basic eligibility is established, APSIA will share a complete application with the applicant.
  • Once the application materials are received in full, APSIA will review them and write a report for its Membership Committee.
  • The report and application are sent to the Membership Committee for review.
  • Following their review, the Membership Committee may reject the application or recommend membership /affiliation to the Council of Members. In cases where an applicant sought membership, but does not qualify, the Membership Committee may recommend affiliation instead.
  • The Council of Members then votes on the application. If at least 3/4 of the Members vote in the affirmative, the application is accepted.
  • The review can take several months, but we strive to process inquiries as efficiently as possible.

NOTE: APSIA welcomes one connection per parent university. Please consult the list of current members and affiliates to see if your university is already involved.