Stories from Our Community

Patricio Violini (MAGP 2017)

As an Argentine diplomat, Patricio chose Johns Hopkins SAIS for its reputation as a global institution well-known for molding effective policymakers. Particularly, he felt that the Master of Arts in Global Policy Program (MAGP) curriculum would deepen his intellectual understanding of international politics and economics, making him amore versatile diplomat able to successfully deal with a wider range of issues. Additionally, MAGP allowed Patricio to work and study at the same time, which is an important feature to the diplomatic community of Washington, DC.

The instructors and the courses offered by the MAGP have had a positive impact on Patricio’s education and professional development, since they have tackled the issues he is confronted with on a daily basis: international politics, strengthening democracy and international organizations, among others. Moreover, he capitalized on the school’s core strength of international economics by taking courses to improve his expertise on finance issues. The courses have provided him with the skills needed to advance his career.

After graduation Patricio plans to continue advancing in the Argentine diplomatic corps to take on new posts in countries from different regions. The selection of courses offered by the school have deeply supplemented his job experience and provided valuable perspective with which he can better represent his country. Patricio is confident that his GPP degree will help him serve the people of Argentina and promote the country’s development.