Stories from Our Community

PSIA: hearing from our Alumni.

The Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po is a truly global school, attracting every year the world's brightest students and faculty to join its international community, from a very wide scope of backgrounds.

70% of PSIA's student population is international, with over 100 nationalities represented, and the possible combinations of study at PSIA are unlimited. Read below what some alumni say of their experience at PSIA:

Edwin, PSIA '15, Master in International Development, Cum Laude, says of PSIA: I could not have asked for a more wide-ranging and enriching educational experience than the one provided by the Paris School of International Affairs. The Masters programme manages to be challenging and fun, academic and practical, career-oriented and intellectually stimulating, all at the same time. For two years I have been in the heart of Paris, surrounded by an eclectic and international student body, learning from the best and generally having the time of my life. I would recommend PSIA to anyone who asks.”

Anjuli Pandit, PSIA '13, Master in International Public Management also said that “The mantra of PSIA is really that although the problems are global, the solutions must be local and relative to cultural, political, and social specificities.”  

Tore Hamming, PSIA '14, Master in International Security, Cum Laude, speaks of the diversity at PSIA: “The PSIA community is characterized by extreme diversity. You meet fellow students from all over the world and for me that is extremely stimulating as well as something we as students benefit immensely from. People came to Sciences Po with different backgrounds and different stories, and were constantly challenging each other. This had a great impact on my development not only as a student, but also as a person. PSIA is a great example of how diversity fosters curiosity, development, and talent.”

Clara Thompson-Lipponen, PSIA '15, Master in Development Practice (one-year), Cum Laude, describes her main takeaways from this unique program for professionals: “Three important elements will always stay with me. A number of the lecturers were inspirational characters who invested a lot in their students. The Academic Advisor for the course was a rock of sense who went the extra mile for many of us. And finally, my classmates – both the tight-knit, supportive group of professionals in my Masters and a good few of the enthusiastic younger students with whom we shared a number of classes – opened my eyes in many ways and will never be forgotten. It was honestly a privilege both to return to study at this stage in life and to work with people such as these.”