APSIA's Spring 2023 Virtual Open Houses

Thank you for participating in APSIA’s virtual open houses throughout the months of May and June! Please complete registration for the open houses you would like to participate in. Please choose up to two (2) events. Registration opens on Wednesday, April 19 at 12:00pm ET. 

The spring virtual open houses are in the following themes:

  • Development and Conflict Resolution – May 10 at 4:00PM ET
  • Diplomacy and International Cooperation – May 16 at 4:00PM ET
  • Women, Peace, and Security – May 18 at 12:00PM ET
  • National Security and Global Threats – May 23 at 2:00PM ET
  • Global Communications – May 25 at 4:00PM ET
  • Human Rights, Social Justice, and Law – May 31 at 2:00PM ET
  • Energy, Sustainability, and Climate – June 6 at 4:00PM ET
  • Global Public Health – June 8 at 12:00PM ET

Click here to register