Fellowships & Scholarships

Catherine Hinman Memorial Fellowship

The Catherine Hinman Memorial Fellowship creates opportunities for graduate students from across the US pursuing policy careers, with background studies in international affairs, economics, applied sciences, etc., to gain practical experience and grow professional networks in Washington DC. The Fellowship aims to support Fellows (who would not otherwise have the financial means to spend a summer in Washington DC) to showcase technical skills, immerse into federal policy-making and international affairs, and sow seeds of professional growth for years to come.

Fellows will be introduced to diverse career pathways, including through networking with DC-based professionals from across the U.S. Government, non-profit organizations, business and academia. Each fellow will be paired with a mentor in their field of interest to guide their success in the Fellowship, including the completion of a final project of practical application (i.e. research supporting the adoption of federal regulation, publication, draft rules or regulations, etc.) that also advances Silverado's mission and the Fellows career aspirations.


Learn more at https://silverado.org/news/apply-now-the-catherine-hinman-memorial-fellowship