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Graduate School of International Studies

The GSIS was established in 1991 in response to the demands of globalization and internationalization. In 1996 the Korean government declared a need for highly qualified experts in the fields of commercial policy, international relations and area studies, which prompted the GSIS to develop graduate programs in International Commerce & Cooperation and International Area Studies, which was launched in March 1997.

In 1996, the Korean Ministry of Education designated the GSIS at Korea University as one of the top five most recognized graduate schools in Korea qualified to receive a major government grant for the next five years.

In view of the growing importance of electronic commerce and its impact on international trade, the GSIS started a master degree program in electronic international commerce in March 2000.

The major goals of the GSIS are to develop specialists in the field of international relations and area studies; and to promote the studies of these area languages; and the globalization of Korean studies. Thus, the GSIS aims to further Korea’s understanding of the world as well as to further the world’s understanding of Korea.

The GSIS offers Master’s Degree Programs under the Department of International Studies, the Department of Korean Studies, and Department of Electronic International Commerce. The GSIS is open to students of all nationalities. All courses are taught either in English or, in the case of area studies, in the relevant language.

Degree Programs

  • Master of Arts in International Commerce
  • Master of Arts in International Development and Cooperation
  • Master of Arts in International Peace and Security
  • Master of Arts in Area Studies
  • Master of Economic Policy and Development
  • Master of Arts in Korean Studies

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