Special Projects Officer

In September 2023, the BSIA was the recipient of a generous $5 million gift from the Balsillie Family Foundation to establish the Technology Governance Initiative. This initiative consists of four pillars, two of which will be managed by the Special Projects Officer: the annual publication of the Balsillie Survey, and the coordination of a technology governance-themed Case Study series. The Special Projects Officer will also aide the team with the development of other BSIA publications, including the Balsillie Papers.

Supported by BSIA research students, the Balsillie Survey will be published annually and present data and analysis reflecting technology governance and policy-related feedback from Canada’s top technology leaders. The Special Projects Officer will be responsible for the project management of the survey including the research design, methodology supporting the survey development, distribution, analysis, and the overall coordination of the publication in line with target dates. The published survey will provide important empirical data and analyses for both the policy and research communities.

The Case Studies program will provide a platform to profile technology governance thought leadership in Waterloo Region, and be used as a teaching tool for international affairs classrooms and beyond. The Special Projects Officer will support the development of Case Studies from the proposal phase through to publication and promotion. This initiative will also provide research opportunities for BSIA students, who will work with the Special Projects Officer to support lead authors.

This is an 18-month, full-time position with benefits and optional enrollment in an RSP matching program, with the possibility of contract renewal, based on funding and performance. The position will be in-person at the BSIA Campus in Waterloo, with the option of working one day a week virtually. If this position interests you, please submit a resume and cover letter to the attention of Tiffany Bradley at info@balsillieschool.ca by Friday, February 9, 2024.