Admission and financial aid decisions have been released

Admission and financial aid decisions have been released

After months of application review and committee deliberations,

we have released admission and financial aid decisions for our master’s degree


If you applied for admission this cycle, you should have

received an email with the subject line “Harvard Kennedy School Application

Status Update.” Log into your applicant status page and click “View

Update” to view your decision.

To those of you receiving good news today, congratulations! 


The Admissions Committee was impressed by your accomplishments and inspired by your

promise to improve public policy and leadership so people can live in societies

that are more safe, free, just, and sustainably prosperous. If you join us, you

will be encouraged, challenged, and empowered by your fellow students and all

the members of our community. We can’t wait to introduce you to the HKS

community for the experience of a lifetime!

Admitted applicants can also find important information about

financial assistance on the Financial Aid tab of the New Admit Portal, including

instructions for viewing financial aid information in MYFAID.  

We do acknowledge that not everyone is receiving good news

today. Each year we receive applications from many more qualified candidates

than we are able to admit. 

If you were denied admission…

We are unable to provide individualized feedback regarding your

application and the Committee’s decision. You are welcome to reapply

for admission in a future year.

You may apply to a single HKS degree program up to three times. We recommend staying tuned and checking our website over the

summer for any new developments or changes to the application process for the

next admissions cycle.

If you were waitlisted…

The Admissions

Committee will make offers of admission to select candidates on the waiting

list only if a sufficient number of those who were offered admission decline

our offer. In some years, the Committee offers admission to a number of

waitlisted individuals; in other years, the Committee makes very few or no such


At this time, it is

impossible for us to predict how many, if any, places will become available in

the incoming class. We will have a better idea of your prospects for

admission after admitted candidates have responded to our offer. We will notify

you of any action on your application as soon as it is taken.


we hope you can wait, we do not recommend that you turn down offers to other

graduate programs or employment opportunities that are attractive to you.

We thank you for your interest in HKS. We wish you all the best on your journey to making the world a better place.