An update from Princess

An update from Princess

This is the time of year when I’m reminded that students who seem like they just got here are now in their final Fletcher semesters! Today we’ll hear from second-year MALD Princess, looking back on her fall semester and forward to her post-Fletcher career.

Hello Fletcher!

Princess at the New England AquariumI am so happy to be at this point in my journey at The Fletcher School. Although my fall semester this academic year was my busiest semester at Fletcher so far, it was extremely fulfilling. I took on a lot of projects and work experiences that were stimulating and insightful. For instance, I worked as a Communications/Content Management intern at the International Bureau of Education at UNESCO. I learned so much from this internship and was able to grow in my field from the projects I was assigned. I also continued my work as a Teaching Assistant for the Analytic Framework for Public Policy Decisions course. It was really exciting to TA for this class in-person and I found that being in a classroom was quite helpful and conducive to the learning process.

I also took courses that had great impact on my world view and truly enhanced my academic experience. With the Gender Theory and Gender, Culture and Conflict courses, I got to study feminist theory and how to meaningfully apply policies that support women in conflict zones. I especially liked my Civil Resistance course and was extremely fascinated by the case studies that demonstrated the power of nonviolent movements in seeking justice and liberation. This course has particularly shaped my research interest for my capstone project where, through various case studies, I will be exploring the impact that women’s participation has on civil resistance movements in a podcast series format. I took on a leadership role with the creative writing club this fall and it has been such a refreshing experience to use nonacademic writing as a channel for decompressing at the end of the week.

Princess at the theaterAnother highlight of my semester was being in person with my colleagues and finally being able to explore the Boston area. I really loved going to the North End and the New England Aquarium. I was also lucky enough to go to a cabaret concert performed by Alan Cumming and Ari Shapiro which was very entertaining! As my time at Fletcher draws to a close, I am looking forward to all the wonderful experiences I will have this semester. I also look forward to my post graduate journey and feel extremely confident that my time at Fletcher has prepared me to be successful.