Get to Know HKS: Student Q&A with Jennifer Beltran

Get to Know HKS: Student Q&A with Jennifer Beltran

Jennifer Beltran is a first-year MPP student from Southern

California. Her main area of interest is anti-poverty policy.

What is your favorite thing about your experience at HKS?

My favorite thing about HKS so far has been the fact that

there is always something exciting going on. Whether it’s an interesting

speaker in the Forum, a roundtable discussion, study group, or a student caucus

meeting, there is always something extremely worthwhile to participate

in that enhances the student experience.

How would you describe your community at HKS?

I see my community at HKS as everchanging, but as a fellow

with the Center for

Public Leadership, I feel most grounded in my CPL community and

especially with the U.S. Latino Leadership cohort. Being a CPL fellow has

not only provided me with mentorship, a supportive home base, and leadership

training, but also with connection beyond these formal interactions. It has felt

like having a family away from home that I can turn to for advice, reflection,

and many laughs.

What advice do you have for prospective students considering HKS?

Don’t be intimidated! There is a very supportive community at HKS, and you have important

perspectives to offer. I have found it helpful to stay

grounded in my “why,” so I would encourage prospective students to do the


Quick questions

  • Favorite class: SUP-208: Unequal Opportunities, Unequal Outcomes
  • Favorite study spot:

    Law School library

  • Favorite restaurant near campus: Alden & Harlow (sit down), Clover (fast casual)
  • One bucket list item you want to accomplish before

    graduating: Attend a Harvard trek with my


  • Biggest surprise at HKS:

    How unpretentious most people are

  • Favorite guest speaker:

    Ukraine President Zelenskyy