HKS welcomes new faculty for the 2022-2023 academic year

HKS welcomes new faculty for the 2022-2023 academic year

Today marks the first day of Orientation for incoming two-year

students and fall courses get underway next week, which means a new academic

year us upon us. With a new academic year comes new students—but also new

faculty members.

Earlier in August, the following new faculty appointments were

announced. These new faculty members join a community of scholars, researchers, and practitioners

who advance the public interest and generate solutions to the world’s most

daunting problems.


Pictured above are the new faculty appointments for the 2022-2023 academic year: Luis Armona, Eliana La Ferrara, Matthew Lee, Elizabeth Linos,

Liz McKenna, Charles Taylor

Assistant Professor of Public Policy
Luis Armona is an economist whose research interests lie in

industrial organization, postsecondary education and college behavior, the

economics of information, and how machine learning methods can be used to

enhance existing economic models. He has previously worked at Microsoft

Research and the New York Federal Reserve. For the 2022-2023 academic year, he

will be a post-doctoral fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Luis earned his BA and PhD in economics from Stanford University. He will join

HKS from the NBER in 2023.


Professor of Public Policy
Eliana La Ferrara

is an economist who works in development economics and political economics. Her

research focuses on the role of social factors and political constraints in

economic development. She has studied ethnic diversity, kin structures and

social norms, education, and the effects of television on social outcomes.

Eliana has also investigated political constraints to development, with a focus

on violent conflict in Africa. Eliana holds a degree in economic and social

disciplines from Bocconi University and a PhD in economics from Harvard

University. She joins HKS from Bocconi University.


Associate Professor of Public Policy and Management

Lee is an organizational scholar whose work advances our understanding of

hybrid organizations that simultaneously pursue multiple objectives, including

issues of organization design, external evaluation, and innovation. His recent

work includes studies of social enterprises, impact investing, nonprofit

organizations, and corporate social responsibility. He serves on the editorial

review boards at Administrative Science Quarterly and Academy of Management

Journal. Matt earned a BA from Pennsylvania State University and a doctorate in

management from Harvard Business School. He joins HKS from New York University.


Emma Bloomberg Associate Professor of Public Policy and Management

Linos is a public management scholar and behavioral scientist. Her research

focuses on how to improve government by focusing on its people and the services

they deliver. She studies how to recruit, retain, and support the government

workforce; how to reduce administrative burdens that residents face when they

interact with public services; and how to integrate evidence-based policymaking

into government. She holds an AB in government and economics and a PhD in

public policy from Harvard University. She joins HKS from the University of

California, Berkeley.


Assistant Professor of Public Policy

McKenna is a political sociologist who studies how civil society can both

enable and constrain democracy. She uses multiple methods—including

ethnographic, interview, geospatial, and social network analysis, to study

organizations, political power, and social movements in Brazil and the United

States. She earned her AB in social studies from Harvard College and her PhD in

sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. Liz joins HKS from the

SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University where she was a postdoctoral



Assistant Professor of Public Policy
Charles Taylor is an applied economist researching the

environment, agriculture, and climate change. He previously held positions at

The Earth Partners, a sustainable land investment company, McKinsey &

Company, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He is the co-founder of

Drylands Natural Resource Centre in Kenya. He received a BA from the University

of Virginia and a PhD in sustainable development from Columbia University. He

will join HKS in 2023 after a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of

California, Berkeley.