Sep23, 2021

Fletcher welcomes EU and State Department Fellows and Diplomat in Residence

By Tufts University |September 23, 2021

Anyone aspiring to a diplomatic career should take note of several government fellows programs that annually provide Fletcher students access to practicing diplomats. It’s an honor and pleasure for our community to welcome this group of international affairs practitioners each year. The European Commission nominates the annual EU Fellow at Fletcher, who consults with the Academic Dean on a policy-focused course or seminar on a topic of central importance to the European Union. It’s a...
Sep22, 2021

#IncomingElliott: Rafael Prado

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |September 22, 2021

Rafael Prado, MA Security Policy Studies, Class of 2023, #IncomingElliott Student Rafael Prado is a master’s candidate at the Elliott School in the Security Policy Studies program, concentrating in Transnational Security with a regional focus in Africa. Prior to grad school, he received his bachelor’s degree in education and public policy at The Pennsylvania State University where he was admitted to the university’s prestigious Latinx Leadership Institute. He has prior experi...
Sep22, 2021

Upcoming events for September / October

By Columbia University |September 22, 2021

If you haven’t heard, Columbia SIPA’s application is live! It’s open! You can apply right now! I’m excited to introduce… Read More Upcoming events for September / October...
Sep21, 2021

On Januarianism

By Tufts University |September 21, 2021

Let’s talk January enrollment, readers. Given that we long ago coined the term “Januarian” for our students who matriculate each year in the spring semester, I feel empowered to expand the language further with “Januarianism:” Januarianism [jan-yoo-er-ee-uh-nizm] noun 1. The state or quality of being a Januarian at The Fletcher School. Januarians have long been a small albeit important sub-population of our student community, though increasingly the option to begin ...
Sep21, 2021

SIS Launches New Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation for Global Impact

By American University |September 21, 2021

With current students demonstrating a strong interest in social innovation, SIS has created a new graduate certificate: Social Innovation for Global Impact. We recently spoke with Professor Robert Tomasko to learn more about how social innovation plays a role in international affairs and the new credential. Learning from the Private Sector Social innovation blends entrepreneurship and innovation with social activism and involves working across sectors to address problems in new ways. The cert...
Sep17, 2021

Celebrating SIPA Alumni during Hispanic Heritage Month

By Columbia University |September 17, 2021

“Hispanic Heritage Month [September 15 – October 15] recognizes Hispanic Americans for their achievements and their contributions to our culture… Read More Celebrating SIPA Alumni during Hispanic Heritage Month...
Sep16, 2021

#ElliottProud: Jordan M. Sotudeh

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |September 16, 2021

Jordan M. Sotudeh, M.A. International Science and Technology Policy, Class of 2015, #ElliottProud Alumnus Jordan M. Sotudeh is a Deputy Program Manager and Senior Technical Lead with BryceTech, a consulting firm. He has worked at NASA JPL, NASA HQ, and DoD assisting executive offices with technology portfolio management, policy, and strategy. He holds an M.A. in International Science and Technology Policy from GW’s Elliott School of International Affairs and a triple major B.A. in Internat...
Sep16, 2021

Admissions director shares the top 3 mistakes in a graduate application personal statement

By Columbia University |September 16, 2021

With the Columbia SIPA application now open, Grace Han, Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, shares her advice on… Read More Admissions director shares the top 3 mistakes in a graduate application personal statement...
Sep15, 2021

January enrollment application deadline – October 10

By Tufts University |September 15, 2021

Let’s get serious, readers. While blog topics in the summer months tend toward a pu pu platter of assorted Fletcher-related goings-on, now that we’re approaching fall it’s all business here in Admissions. The first application deadline of the year – October 10, for January 2022 enrollment – is not so far off. If you’re aiming for a January start, it’s not panic time if you haven’t yet made much headway in the application process, but it is get-crac...
Sep15, 2021

#IncomingElliott: Melynn Oliver

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |September 15, 2021

Melynn Oliver, M.A. Asian Studies, Class of 2023, #IncomingElliott Student Melynn Oliver graduated Magna Cum Luade from Elon University with a BA in Political Science and International Relations, and a minor in Asian studies. In her junior year, she spent a semester traveling the Silk Road, and studying at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China. Back in DC, she interned at C-SPAN and worked at the Trader Joes to gain experience working and living downtown. S...
Sep13, 2021

Convocation 2021

By Tufts University |September 13, 2021

At some point I promise I’ll stop harping on the thrill of Fletcher returning to life in-person, but as each major academic year milestone comes around it’s hard not to be struck by how nice it is for things to seem kind of normal again. That’s certainly the case for Friday’s Convocation ceremonies, one of the few events each year that brings together nearly the entire Fletcher community of students, faculty, and staff. As usual, there were a few modifications befitting o...
Sep13, 2021

Upcoming External Funding Deadlines

By Columbia University |September 13, 2021

The SIPA Financial Aid Office maintains a database of external funding opportunities, and we wanted to alert students to some… Read More Upcoming External Funding Deadlines...
Sep09, 2021

Language opportunities at Fletcher

By Tufts University |September 9, 2021

Some good stuff to share today about a variety of language acquisition, study, and practice opportunities at Fletcher. While foreign language proficiency is neither an admissions nor graduation requirement, it’s an area of competency that’s held in high esteem in our community, and many students are interested in gaining new language skills or building upon existing proficiency. There are lots of different options to fit a variety of needs. As has long been the case, Fletcher student...
Sep09, 2021

Marking Our Return to Campus – A Message from Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger

By Columbia University |September 9, 2021

The below message was sent from Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger on September 1, 2021: Dear fellow members of… Read More Marking Our Return to Campus – A Message from Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger...
Sep08, 2021

#IncomingElliott: Thomas Sand Nielsen

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |September 8, 2021

Thomas Sand Nielsen, M.A. International Economic Policy, Class of 2023, #IncomingElliott Student Thomas Sand Nielsen is an international student from Denmark. He just graduated from the University of South Alabama with a B.A. in Political Science in only three years, while he also ran track and cross country, and studied minors in economics and Spanish. Thomas will be a part of the International Economic Policy program at the Elliott School starting Fall 2021. Throughout his undergraduate ye...
Sep07, 2021

The 2022 Columbia SIPA Application is Open

By Columbia University |September 7, 2021

Columbia SIPA’s 2022 Application is officially live. We strongly recommend providing yourself with ample time to prepare a complete application that… Read More The 2022 Columbia SIPA Application is Open...
Sep07, 2021

Fletcher alum wins Paralympic gold

By Tufts University |September 7, 2021

Anyone who’s been watching the recent Paralympics in Tokyo doesn’t need me to underscore what an impressive and inspiring spectacle it all is. An event that already had sucked me in this year got even cooler recently with the news that Brad Snyder, a 2019 GMAP alumnus, took home his SIXTH Paralympic gold medal (and eighth medal overall), this time in the paratriathlon in the vision-impaired category of athletes. Why “this time?” Only because his previous medals came in sw...
Sep02, 2021

What to expect on returning to campus

By Columbia University |September 2, 2021

Thanks to the Columbia Office of University Life for this information on returning to campus! While this may not apply… Read More What to expect on returning to campus...
Sep02, 2021

How We Spent Our Summer 2021

By American University |September 2, 2021

Many in the SIS community used the past few months to take on new research and professional development opportunities, whether remotely or in-person. We caught up with a few SIS professors, students, and a recent alumna to find out how they spent their time during the summer break. Scott Freeman, Faculty Professor Scott Freeman led an SIS summer practicum titled The Political Ecology of Water in Costa Rica. For this practicum, students worked remotely with activists in southwest Costa Ri...
Sep01, 2021

#IncomingElliott: Angelica Ortega

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |September 1, 2021

Angelica Ortega, Master of International Policy and Practice, Class of 2022, #IncomingElliott Student Angelica Ortega is an incoming international student at the Elliott School of International Affairs, where she will be pursuing a Master’s degree in International Policy and Practice. Angelica has years of experience in facilitating the market entry and overseas expansion of foreign organizations to the Philippines. Prior to moving to DC for her graduate studies, Angelica worked for a Sing...
Aug31, 2021

Application for 2022 enrollment now live!

By Tufts University |August 31, 2021

It’s a big day here in Admissions, readers, and likewise for all of you planning on submitting an application for 2022 enrollment. The application is now available (here, for those looking to get started this very instant)! Virtually anyone applying to Fletcher has filled out a university application in the past, and you’ll likely find that ours doesn’t contain too many surprises. You may have questions along the way, though and I’ll encourage you to take advantage of the...
Aug31, 2021

Fletcher springs to life at Orientation

By Tufts University |August 31, 2021

The big moment has finally arrived, readers. It’s Orientation week! If you haven’t been following along, Orientation is extra-special this year for being (for most students) in-person. It’s great to have Fletcher back to its typical energy level, and reassuring to learn that one can see people’s smiles even through a mask. It’s still a bit different that the usual programming – time blocks occupied by COVID-protocol information, returning students who are figu...
Aug26, 2021

#ElliottProud: Tessa McLinden

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |August 26, 2021

Tessa McLinden, M.A. Security Policy Studies, Class of 2019, #ElliottProud Alumna Tessa McLinden graduated from the Security Policy Studies at the Elliott School of International Affairs, concentrating in conflict resolution and transnational security. While at Elliott, Tessa’s internships and jobs were largely focused in the Latin America region. She worked at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) as a citizen security intern, as a project assistant in Bogota, Colombia with the Kr...
Aug25, 2021

Researching commercial networks in China as a Research Analyst at Kharon

By Johns Hopkins University |August 25, 2021

MAIS alumna Morgan Brown '20 reflects on the value of her experience at the HNC and how the skills she acquired at the HNC apply to her career as a Research Analyst at Kharon.Tell us a bit more about your career and your current role.I am currently a Research Analyst on the China Team at Kharon, a research and analytics firm focused on sanctions and financial crime. As a member of the China team, my research has specifically focused on commercial networks related to military end-users in Ch...
Aug25, 2021

#IncomingElliott: Vicente Rodriguez

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |August 25, 2021

Vicente Rodriguez, M.A. International Affairs, Class of 2023, #IncomingElliott Student Vicente Rodriguez is an incoming graduate student at the Elliott School of International Affairs. He will be working towards an M.A. in International Affairs concentrating in International Security and U.S. Foreign Policy. He received his bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Sonoma State University in 2016. Soon after graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and...
Aug25, 2021

Admissions interviews and counselor appointments available now

By Tufts University |August 25, 2021

Though the admissions cycle doesn’t really have a discrete “end,” late August always does feel like the beginning of a new process. Recruitment events will soon greatly increase, and the application for 2022 enrollment will shortly be live on our website. This also means that our fall interview program will soon begin in earnest. We’ve offered the odd interview slot throughout the summer, but starting in September you’ll find a great many more available. We highly e...
Aug24, 2021

Tiffany Brown MPA ’23 on the Rangel Graduate Fellowship — via ProFellow

By Columbia University |August 24, 2021

ProFellow, an online resource for professional and academic fellowships, recently published this article featuring Tiffany Brown MPA ’23, on the… Read More Tiffany Brown MPA ’23 on the Rangel Graduate Fellowship — via ProFellow...
Aug19, 2021

#ElliottProud: Sheridan Bahar

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |August 19, 2021

Sheridan Bahar, MA Security Policy Studies, Class of 2020, #ElliottProud Alumnus Sheridan Bahar received his master’s degree in Security Policy Studies, with a concentration U.S. National Security, from GW’s Elliott School of International Affairs. Before joining the U.S. Department of Defense, he graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Government, and was a John S. McCain Strategic Defense Fellow at the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (USD(I&am...
Aug19, 2021

Alumni spotlight: David’s journey from Fletcher to Homeland Security

By Tufts University |August 19, 2021

I think I’ve mentioned before that our alumni updates sometimes make my head spin. It’s such a pleasure to share this post from David Tykvart, who somehow graduated five years ago. It feels much more recent that he was working as a Graduate Assistant in our office, and it’s no surprise to anyone who knows him that he’s quickly established an impressive career. Great to hear from you, David! I wrote my first Fletcher update a few months after I graduated. Five years later,...
Aug18, 2021

#IncomingElliott: Julianna Gil

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |August 18, 2021

Julianna Gil, M.A. International Development Studies, Class of 2023, #IncomingElliott Student Julianna Gil is a first-year Masters candidate in the International Development Studies program at the Elliott School, concentrating in Natural Resources and the Environment, and Humanitarian Assistance. She received her bachelor’s degree in International Affairs, and minor in Creative Nonfiction Writing, at University of California, Riverside in 2020. She is interested in sustainable development,...