Feb25, 2021

#ElliottProud: John Siko

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |February 25, 2021

John Siko is a co-founder and director of Burnham Global, which designs and provides training and mentoring for global security forces. John has spent his life working on sub-Saharan Africa, first for 15 years in the US diplomatic and intelligence communities, and then in the private sector. John has an BA in International Affairs and an MA in International Development Studies from George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs, as well as a doctorate in African Po...
Feb25, 2021

Admissions process updates

By Tufts University |February 25, 2021

I’m reminded at this time of year, as I look out at yet another fresh blanket of snow, how fortunate we are that application “reading season” takes place in the dead of winter. Reading piles of applications seems a more doable prospect when one is pretty much confined indoors anyway. There’s still a chunk of reading to go, but we’re getting there! So much so that we’re starting to look toward preparing for the release of decisions, currently looking like somet...
Feb24, 2021

#WeAreElliott: Caleb Darger

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |February 24, 2021

Caleb Darger is a second-year Master’s candidate in the Global Communication program at the Elliott School. He is also a program coordinator for the FAO Regional Sustainment Initiative at the George Washington University. His research focuses primarily on issues related to China and Taiwan. Caleb lived and studied in Taiwan for two years from 2013-2015 where he developed proficiency in Mandarin. Before moving to Washington, he worked for a publishing company coordinating production with m...
Feb24, 2021

Get to know the Fletcher Africana Club

By Tufts University |February 24, 2021

A quick plug today for the Fletcher Africana Club, specifically this feature in Tufts Now about the Club’s current work and activities. Fletcher students and Co-Presidents Sabrina Rose and David Mbai discuss the ways in which the Africana Club works to highlight African current events and culture for Fletcher students, the commonalities of movements against police and state brutality in the US and many African countries, and the Club’s leadership in ongoing diversity, equity, and inc...
Feb24, 2021

A historic crossroads for systemic racism and policing in America

By Harvard |February 24, 2021

Photo of HKS professors Khalil Gibran Muhammad and Erica ChenowethAfter 400 years of systemic discrimination against black people in America, the volcanic reaction to video of the brutal killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis has pushed America to another major inflection point in its seemingly endless struggle with race. Hundreds of thousands of Americans, both Black people and allies from other racial identities, have taken to the streets to decry police brutality and systemic dis...
Feb23, 2021

Lessons on dangers of using media to spread racial hatred and violence

By Harvard |February 23, 2021

Article by James F. Smith, HKS Office of Communications and Public AffairsPhoto of Assistant Professor of Public Policy Desmond AngDesmond Ang, assistant professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School, is an applied economist who studies the intersection of race, education, and government. His work includes research on the impacts of police-involved killings—like that of George Floyd—on the educational and psychological well-being of children and on the political engagement of un...
Feb22, 2021

DC Career Trip

By Tufts University |February 22, 2021

The annual Washington, DC career “trip” took place late last week, and it was a busy affair as always. “Trip” more in spirit than in practice this year, for obvious reasons, but in spite of being screen-mediated this time around it still felt familiar, with all classes cancelled for two days to allow over 300 students to take part in many dozens of discrete events. Included in this year’s schedule were a variety of alumni panel discussions, as well as “site vi...
Feb22, 2021

Transforming Communities | Fellowship for Serving African American Communities (FSAAC)

By Harvard |February 22, 2021

The Center for Public Leadership’s Fellowship for Serving African American Communities brings together talented emerging leaders from any race or ethnicity to lessen disparities in African American and other underserved communities in the United States through health care, education, economic development, public policy, criminal justice reform, social entrepreneurship, and other fields.Through this fellowship, fellows connect with highly accomplished leaders in Boston and around the world and ...
Feb22, 2021

Black History Month: Celebrating SIPA Alumni and Their Impact on the World

By Columbia University |February 22, 2021

“For nearly 75 years, SIPA graduates have made an impact in international affairs, public policy, and related fields. In recognition… Read More Black History Month: Celebrating SIPA Alumni and Their Impact on the World...
Feb20, 2021

Opposing racism and discrimination through public policy and leadership

By Harvard |February 20, 2021

In order to create societies that are more safe, free, just, and sustainably prosperous, policymakers and public leaders around the world must better understand and work to dismantle systemic racism and discrimination based on ethnicity, caste, and indigenous status.  Recent scholarship by Harvard Kennedy School faculty members and other experts in the HKS community speak directly to race, justice, protest, and policing while HKS’s collection of resources—from portals, programs, collabora...
Feb19, 2021

American Democracy in Crisis – Video

By University of Denver |February 19, 2021

Hear the “American Democracy in Crisis” webinar sponsored by the Boulder OLLI Speaker Series held on February 3. The insurrection on January 6, 2021 was a 9/11 event for democracy. The transition of power – a bedrock element of American democracy from George Washington through Barack Obama – was directly challenged by a mob motivated, assembled and inspired by President Donald Trump, his family and retainers.The OLLI webinar describes the four years of damage to American democracy and th...
Feb18, 2021

Video Now Available on “The First Week: Biden vs. Trump”

By University of Denver |February 18, 2021

President Joe Biden has inherited a formidable set of challenges, from a pandemic still spreading, a crippled economy, a social justice crisis, an injured political system and a weakened position in a threatening world.A February Crossley Center Zoom event on the transitions, the inaugurals, and President Trump’s and President Biden’s first weeks in office provided a perspective by former Ambassador Christopher Hill, now at Columbia University; Colorado College professor (retired) and Presid...
Feb18, 2021

#ElliottProud: Nicole Mechem

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |February 18, 2021

Nicole Mechem brings 17 years of experience to her role as the director of IREX’s Leadership Practice, where she leads a portfolio of global leadership development programs that are advancing positive change in institutions and communities around the world. She joined IREX in 2006 and most recently served as the Deputy Director of IREX’s Leadership Practice and Chief of Party for the USAID Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders program. Her prior roles at IREX have incl...
Feb18, 2021

FSociety victory tour: the digest version

By Tufts University |February 18, 2021

Regular blog readers have come to know FSociety, Fletcher’s cybersecurity simulation team, pretty well. They’ve had a lot of success over the past year and change, and I’ve done my best to keep up with the deluge of accolades as I hear about them. This Tufts Now article provides a more in-depth and longitudinal portrait of their journey, and is a great read for anyone interested in the work of FSociety in particular or the growth of cyber policy offerings at Fletcher in general...
Feb17, 2021

The Trump and Biden First Appointments

By University of Denver |February 17, 2021

At the Crossley Center’s session comparing the Trump and Biden first weeks (February 9), Professor Chris Hill and Professor Tom Cronin opined on the top personnel of the respective administrations.A comparison of the first teams of former President Trump and President Biden offer some dramatic contrasts, largely borne of the chaotic transition of Trump in 2016 and his impulsive methods of selection. As Tom Cronin said, “It is unlikely Trump had more than a brief familiarity of many of the se...
Feb17, 2021

Inaugurals: Trump and Biden

By University of Denver |February 17, 2021

Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama with spouses were present at the inaugurations of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. When asked why attend the Trump inauguration given his treatment of them in the campaign. both the Clintons and Bush said it was to “honor the peaceful transition of power.” At the end of the short dystopian speech, George W. Bush was reported to have summed up the general reaction with: “That was some weird shit.”Not surprising, since it was written by Steven Bannon and ...
Feb17, 2021

Biden Defends Democracy

By University of Denver |February 17, 2021

It is significant that Joe Biden’s first visit to a department was State. He wants to revive America’s diplomats and make diplomacy the centerpiece of the country’s foreign policy. Also, he spoke to the importance of supporting democracy worldwide.“…American people are going to emerge from this moment stronger, more determined, and better equipped to unite the world in fighting to defend democracy…” and counter those “advocating authoritarianism.”It is a timely shift. Democracy...
Feb17, 2021

American People Believe Democracy in Trouble

By University of Denver |February 17, 2021

Only 16 percent of Americans believe democracy is working well. Nearly half (45%) believe it’s in trouble in a new AP-NORC poll.Not surprising, a second presidential impeachment trial within a year is underway with the charge of insurrection to overturn the election.Rep. Jason Crow (C) and other people shelter in the House gallery as a mobof pro-Trump supporters try to break into the House Chamber at theU.S. Capitol, Jan. 6, 2021 | Andrew Harnik/APJust to reinforce the trouble democracy is in,...
Feb17, 2021

America Right on the Move

By University of Denver |February 17, 2021

In four years, Donald Trump has become nearly a cult leader of the American far right. An examination of his speeches, tweets and behavior is a textbook instruction on organizing a right-wing political movement. The effort weaves together three important political themes: populism, or defending ordinary people’s interests against the elite, which often needs a strong leader to successfully espouse; nationalism, loyalty to nation above other nations; and authoritarianism, submission to an autho...
Feb17, 2021

Boebert – A Fluke or the Future?

By University of Denver |February 17, 2021

Nick Riccardi in an AP story speculated on the possible takeover of even competitive congressional districts by the extreme wings of the respective parties. It was assumed the Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s would represent a safe district in which primaries are the entire battle. But Lauren Boebert’s district has a modest Republican edge in a state trending Democratic. It was last represented by a Democrat in 2010. And, a modest change due to redistricting could make it more competitive.But the ar...
Feb17, 2021

#WeAreElliott: Bilguissa Sow

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |February 17, 2021

Bilguissa Sow is a second year Masters candidate in the International Development Studies program at the Elliott School, concentrating in Democracy & Governance. She received her bachelor’s degree in Political science and International Studies at Towson University in 2016. Since graduation she has been working in the field of national security, however, her deep passion for international affairs redirected her to pursue a career in international development. Bilgui...
Feb17, 2021

A View from the Class: Dokyoung Koo MIA ’21

By Columbia University |February 17, 2021

The SIPA Office of Alumni and Development is pleased to share A View from the Class, a SIPA stories series featuring current SIPA… Read More A View from the Class: Dokyoung Koo MIA ’21...
Feb16, 2021

Four Rules for Achieving Peace and Justice | Bryan Stevenson MPP/JD 1985

By Harvard |February 16, 2021

Bryan Stevenson MPP/JD 1985 worked for decades to bring justice through the courtroom. Now, with the opening of the nation’s first museum dedicated to the legacy of slavery and the victims of lynching, he aims to shift the country’s narrative on race and justice and educate communities about racial discrimination in the criminal justice system, poverty, and racial inequality in America.  Two years ago, Stevenson shared with the Harvard Kennedy School community four rules for creating change...
Feb15, 2021

Presidents’ Day and the Call to Public Service

By Harvard |February 15, 2021

All Harvard Kennedy School staff members will be offline on Monday, February 15 in observance of the Presidents’ Day holiday and will return on Tuesday, February 16. In the meantime, we continue to be hard at work reviewing all admission and financial aid applications and will release admission and financial aid decisions in late March.  In honor of Presidents’ Day, here’s a video celebrating the legacy of our school’s namesake by reflecting on his call to public service:   Students...
Feb15, 2021

Application Deadline: February 20

By Tufts University |February 15, 2021

A quick public service announcement here today, reminding prospective applicants to most degree programs that there’s still time to submit your application for fall 2021. The February 20 deadline is fast approaching, and now is the time to start pulling together all the various pieces of that application on which you’ve been pecking away. Give your recommenders a little nudge if you’re still waiting on their letters, and finalize the working drafts of your essays. Not a bad ide...
Feb14, 2021

Student-led conferences this spring

By Harvard |February 14, 2021

A number of Harvard Kennedy School students are actively involved in student-led conferences held in the spring each year. Many have described these conferences as among their most powerful learning experiences while at HKS.This year is no exception. Despite the challenges and uncertainties of the pandemic, students have been creative, resilient, and resourceful in recreating the vibrancy of the student conference experience online. They’ve continued to take on roles and responsibilities to o...
Feb11, 2021

Upcoming External Fellowship Deadlines

By Columbia University |February 11, 2021

The SIPA Financial Aid Office maintains a database of external funding opportunities, and we wanted to alert students to some… Read More Upcoming External Fellowship Deadlines...
Feb10, 2021

Discussions and Events Reflecting on Black History Month

By Harvard |February 10, 2021

Harvard Kennedy School has been hard at work, processing and reviewing admission and financial aid applications. Admission and financial aid decisions will be released in late March. We will keep you updated on our progress.With February being Black History Month, our HKS and Harvard communities are reflecting on its significance—particularly during this profound period—through a series of important discussions and events. Some are listed below. Read on and register for those that resonate. ...
Feb10, 2021

#WeAreElliott: Tyler Cundiff

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |February 10, 2021

Tyler Cundiff is a second-year graduate student in the M.A. in International Affairs program at the Elliott School of International Affairs. His work—in senior-level roles at the George Washington University Libraries and Academic Innovation (GWLAI) and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP)—involves leading agile teams, managing strategic programs and initiatives, and directing administrative operations. Tyler earned a B.A. in Political Science and Communication from the Universi...
Feb10, 2021

Human security research at the Leir Institute with MALD student Neiha

By Tufts University |February 10, 2021

Dear Fletcher, How about a guest blog post to ring in your February? My name is Neiha Lasharie, I’m a second year MALD candidate concentrating in public international law and human rights. Let me preface this post by saying that Fletcher was my absolute dream graduate program. I did my undergrad a little bit down the road at Northeastern University; and from pretty much my first semester as an international affairs major, it was made clear to me that Fletcher was the place to go. So, I went. (...