0227, 2017

2017 Reading and Decision Process – Post #12

By Harvard |February 27, 2017

As we enter the final stage of the application review process, I am transitioning from staring at applications to staring at spreadsheets. I spent a marathon day in Excel yesterday and actually stumbled upon a feature I had not used before which made my day - yes, it’s things like discovering new functions in Excel that get this Admissions Director excited.  I am not certain if there is a limit on how many spreadsheets can be opened at one time, but if there is a limit I am likely close to ...
0224, 2017

Ochs moves to Venn Foundation

By University of Minnesota |February 24, 2017

Jeff Ochs (MPP ’14) is now the founding CEO at the Venn Foundation. The Venn Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports foundations and philanthropists as they unleash the full power of program-related investments to advance their missions.Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn....
0224, 2017

Bonilla joins Congressional Joint Economic Committee

By University of Minnesota |February 24, 2017

Gerardo Bonilla (MPP ’15) has joined the United States Congress Joint Economic Committee as a senior policy analyst. He was formerly an assistant at the U.S. Department of Commerce.Connect with Gerardo on LinkedIn....
0224, 2017

Cole Brown hired at Southern Illinois University

By University of Minnesota |February 24, 2017

Terra Cole Brown (MURP ’09) has joined Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville as the graduate program coordinator. She was formerly the executive director of the Heritage Park Neighborhood Association.Connect with Terra on LinkedIn....
0224, 2017

Nadel-Tikh joins University of Minnesota Foundation

By University of Minnesota |February 24, 2017

Andrea Nadel-Tikh (MPP ’13) has joined the University of Minnesota Foundation as the charitable grants administrator. She was formerly the training & client education coordinator at the Korn Ferry Hay Group.Connect with Andrea on LinkedIn....
0224, 2017

Pauls becomes president of COFHED

By University of Minnesota |February 24, 2017

Dawn Pauls (MPA ’01) has become the president of the board of directors for Communities Organizing for Haitian Engagement and Development (COFHED). COFHED partners with communities to conduct training in leadership and citizenship and serve as a catalyst for change in people’s lives in southern Haiti.Connect with Dawn on LinkedIn....
0224, 2017

Helm promoted at Granicus

By University of Minnesota |February 24, 2017

Amelia Helm (MPP ’12) was promoted at Granicus from marketing strategist to product marketing strategist. Granicus provides cloud-based solutions for communications, meeting and agenda management, and digital services for government agencies.Connect with Amelia on LinkedIn....
0224, 2017

Chelseth promoted, awarded at BRMi

By University of Minnesota |February 24, 2017

Adam Chelseth (MPP ’14) has been promoted at BRMi from consultant to senior consultant. Additionally, he was awarded the firm’s Corporate Culture Award for making the most significant contribution to the firm’s character and performance through internal operations.Connect with Adam on LinkedIn....
0224, 2017

2017 Student Life Insight Series – Post #6

By Harvard |February 24, 2017

Bar Peled is a first-year Master in Public Policy candidate. She focuses on the impact of technology on social and government policies. Bar graduated with a joint degree in Law and History from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. She previously worked as the spokesperson for the leader of the Israeli opposition and Chairwoman of the Israeli Labor party. Starting my MPP at the Kennedy School was a fascinating transition in which my “dream” school became my everyday life. Being an HKS ...
0223, 2017

Warm and sunny for my last reading day

By Tufts University |February 23, 2017

In contrast to my snow-day reading day, a mere two weeks ago, today is warm and I’m settled into a sunny spot in (of course) my kitchen.  No need to grip a tea cup while reading today.  Even my usually cold house is very comfortable. The climatic conditions have made this a very enjoyable final reading day for this semester.  Also contributing is that I don’t really have a full day of reading.  Only about 20 applications, and I’ll round out the day with other tasks.  A lit...
0223, 2017

Carry On Wayward Veteran

By Princeton University |February 23, 2017

Carry On Wayward VeteranFeb 23, 2017MPA candidate and U.S. Army Infantry Officer Mike Kelvington penned an op-ed for Havok Journal on how politicians, the media and Hollywood distort the facts about veterans and PTSD, and his own journey of post-traumatic growth. Full story here. ...
0222, 2017

Food and community

By Tufts University |February 22, 2017

Sorry for my week-long silence!  We’re at one of those points in the year when it’s hard to make time for creative blogging.  And that makes it a perfect day to highlight two student initiatives, both of which provide community and personal nourishment. The first is a lovely little offering from “the Yellow House” (the inhabitants of one of the houses on the perimeter of campus that is rented perennially by Fletcher students).  Starting last semester, the Yellow House ...
0222, 2017

2017 Reading and Decision Process – Post #11

By Harvard |February 22, 2017

We will not be releasing admission decisions until sometime early in March, but we are making sure everything is ready when the time comes. We do use our online application system to release our admission decisions to applicants, more on this in a later entry in this series, however we do send admitted applicants an official letter of admission via postal mail as well. No matter how digital the world becomes, I think people will always have a soft spot for certain paper letters.Today I took deli...
0222, 2017

Exploring Nanjing: A Visit to the Jiangsu Art Museum 江苏省美术馆

By Johns Hopkins University |February 22, 2017

It can sometimes be challenging to find the time to explore and get out into the city of Nanjing while busy with school activities and studying for classes. That’s why I took advantage of the last week of our long Chinese New Year holiday to dedicate some time exploring new parts of the city. I’d heard great things about the Jiangsu Art Museum from both teachers and classmates so I hopped on the subway with a friend and we made our way over. The Jiangsu Art Museum is located in the hear...
0221, 2017

2017 Student Life Insight Series – Post #5

By Harvard |February 21, 2017

Juliana Castro is a first year MPP student at HKS. Juliana grew in Colombia where she double majored in Industrial Engineering and Economics. After earning her college degree, Juliana joined McKinsey and Company where she worked as a Business Analyst in the Bogota office. She went on to join a Internet Startup, Rocket, as CMO. With stronger skills, Juliana decided to follow her dream by pursuing her two passions, social inclusion and entrepreneurship. Before coming to the Kennedy School Juliana...
0221, 2017

Politics & Polls #31: The Cognitive Science of ‘Trumpology’

By Princeton University |February 21, 2017

Politics & Polls #31: The Cognitive Science of ‘Trumpology’Feb 21, 2017Donald Trump’s presidency has evoked strong emotional and psychological responses from both the public and the president himself, raising issues not often brought forth in public policy and governance. Many, including members of the media, are trying to make sense of this complicated web of anger, passion, rationality and irrationality. Among those reporters is Jesse Singal of New York Magazine, who is bringing the ...
0220, 2017

Upcoming Virtual Information Sessions and Africa Travel

By Harvard |February 20, 2017

The Admissions Office is sponsoring two upcoming virtual sessions hosted by Centers at HKS and we will have some in person information sessions in Africa. Read on to learn more and to register. The Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP) at HKS is a research center that aims to close gender gaps in economic opportunity, political participation, health and education. WAPPP’s research provides evidence-based insights on the role of gender in shaping the opportunities available to individuals. T...
0220, 2017

Nunn School Professor Dr. Adam Stulberg Publishes Article in “Energy Research & Social Science”

By Georgia Tech |February 20, 2017

Adam N. Stulberg, Associate Chair/Research and Neal Family Chair Professor at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, recently published an article entitled "Natural Gas and the Russia-Ukraine crisis: Strategic restraint and the emerging Europe-Eurasia gas networks" in Energy Research and Social Science. Abstract This article explicates the puzzle of strategic restraint in contemporary European-Russian gas relations. The first and second sections compare and contrast successive...
0220, 2017

2017 Application Cycle Fellowships/Scholarship Information – Post #19

By Harvard |February 20, 2017

This post serves as a reminder that the HKS application for financial assistance - as well as all fellowships applications - is due on February 24, 2017 at 11:59 AM EST. Applicants who have submitted a Master’s programs admission application for 2017 admission consideration are strongly encouraged to complete the application for financial assistance.  Financial aid applications are submitted through the same website through which you applied for admission. Applicants who submitted an admis...
0218, 2017

2017 Application Cycle Fellowships/Scholarship Information – Post #18

By Harvard |February 18, 2017

The David M. Rubenstein fellowship, established in 2008, is available to first year joint degree students of the Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard Business School.The fully integrated joint degree program created by Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School prepares enrolled students to work in positions of influence at the interface of business, government, and nonprofit organizations, where they will be prepared to deal with challenges in such critical areas as health care, the e...
0217, 2017

2017 Student Life Insight Series – Post #4

By Harvard |February 17, 2017

Drawing from her experiences as an immigrant who lost everything to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Syrian-American student Hazami Barmada (MC/MPA 2017) is determined to promote the concept of social good. In the video below she talks about her motivation behind organizing a coat drive at HKS to benefit Syrian refugees. Hazami was also recently selected as a Presidential Leadership Scholar.  Access to YouTube is required to watch this video and email subscribers may need to visit the blog directly ...
0216, 2017

Secretary John Kerry joins Yale as Distinguished Fellow for Global Affairs

By Yale University |February 16, 2017

Former Secretary of State John Kerry will serve as Yale’s first-ever Distinguished Fellow for Global Affairs. A 1966 graduate of Yale College, Kerry will return to his alma mater to oversee the Kerry Initiative, an interdisciplinary program that will tackle pressing global challenges through teaching, research, and international dialogue. The alumnus will leverage insights, experiences, and relationships on a global scale to oversee the Kerry Initiative, collaborating with students and facult...
0216, 2017

Alumni Profile: Julia Lovell, Acclaimed Translator and Author

By Johns Hopkins University |February 16, 2017

I was given the wonderful opportunity to have a conversation with Hopkins-Nanjing Center alumnus and award winning author, translator, and Professor of modern Chinese history at the University of London, Julia Lovell. Professor Lovell was a certificate student at HNC from 1997-98 and has since published numerous acclaimed historical writings, including The Opium War: Dreams, Drugs, and the Making of Modern China, The Great Wall: China Against the World, and The Politics of Cultural Capital: Chin...
0216, 2017

2017 Application Cycle Fellowships/Scholarship Information – Post #17

By Harvard |February 16, 2017

This post highlights several different scholarship opportunities which are examples of fellowships specific to a particular country or countries. These are just a few examples, further research on opportunities can be performed through our funding resource database or by reading our internal and external resources pages. As a reminder, for individuals who submitted a 2017 admission application, the HKS financial aid application is due on February 24. The Fundação Estudar Scholarship Progra...
0215, 2017

Showing Proof of Finances for Our International Admits

By Syracuse University |February 15, 2017

The Department of Public Administration and International Affairs is committed to recruiting a globally diverse and academically exceptional class of students each year. The rising cost of higher education in the United States continues to prove challenging in this regard. This is especially true for our international students who must show proof of funds for […]...
0215, 2017

More Fletcher Couples!

By Tufts University |February 15, 2017

Is it true that Admissions folks try to make matches among our applicants when we decide to admit them?  No, of course not!  But I can say that there are folks on this list whom I knew before they knew each other, so I’m more than willing to claim a role in their happiness.  Continuing with our Valentine’s week celebration of Fletcher couples, please meet another twelve alumni. Bria, F12, and Ivan, F12 We met on the first day of Fletcher orientation in 2010.  We soon became good ...
0215, 2017

2017 Reading and Decision Process – Post #10

By Harvard |February 15, 2017

For the most part, the application review process is paperless. Readers access files online and enter comments and ratings in our online application system. We then run reports to look at point differentials and comments to determine if a file needs to be discussed by the whole committee. If a file does need to come before the full committee we print paper files because it is the easiest way to flip through a file as we engage in what is often intense discussion. This was the pile of applicatio...
0214, 2017

Trump Starts at Record Low

By University of Denver |February 14, 2017

Donald Trump glided into his first week in office from a poorly rated transition into a record low approval, which continued three weeks into the job. RealClearPolitics started his average with a couple of polls on January 23 at 40 percent approval to 45 percent disapproval.After three weeks, both numbers have increased, and on February 10 he had 44 percent approval to 50 percent disapproval.Gallup, which tied Trump at 45 percent for both approval and disapproval in their first poll posted on Ja...
0214, 2017

Politics & Polls #30: Immigration & Border Control with Doug Massey

By Princeton University |February 14, 2017

Politics & Polls #30: Immigration & Border Control with Doug MasseyFeb 14, 2017A federal appeals court has blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order issuing an immigration ban barring people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. Trump also has made moves toward building a border wall with Mexico, which recent figures suggest may cost an estimated $21 billion. If implemented, what would an immigration ban and a border wall accomplish? In this ...
0214, 2017

A Valentine’s Day Special ♥

By Tufts University |February 14, 2017

I love learning about Fletcher couples!  And this year, in time for today’s Valentine’s Day holiday, I’ve been working on a joyful project — seeking out couples among our alumni.  I reached out to a few people whom I expected would be good sources, and soon my email was sprinkled with happy photos and the couples’ stories, which I’ve shared below in their own words. Sigh…so great. I’ve written now and then about Fletcher couples, but they’v...