Dec02, 2021

Application tips: The Application Form

By Tufts University |December 2, 2021

Today we’ll hear from Nick with some more application advice: As we continue our series of “Application Tips,” I wanted to shed some insight onto the application form itself. This is the first part of the application you come to and may seem the most straightforward; just some data entry before you get to the more substantive essays, resume, and letters of recommendation. But don’t discount this section – we read these forms carefully and gain valuable insight into your candida...
Dec02, 2021

Emerging Voices Program Seeks to Add Diversity in National Security Professions

By Columbia University |December 2, 2021

Our International Security Policy concentration has grown rapidly over the years in curriculum and scope. If you are interested in… Read More Emerging Voices Program Seeks to Add Diversity in National Security Professions...
Dec02, 2021

Post-application advice and information for applicants

By Harvard |December 2, 2021

So you’ve submitted an application for admission. Now what? Read this post and view the infographic below for more information and guidance. What We’re Doing: Application Processing Once the application deadline passes, we begin processing applications.  Staff members need to manually review all applications to confirm that all required materials have been received. There are certain application materials on the application status checklist that require manual intervention – GRE/GMAT sco...
Dec01, 2021

APSIA Invests in Junior Faculty

By APSIA |December 1, 2021

In order to deepen ties within the family, APSIA launched a small grant fund for pre-tenure and recently-tenured faculty at APSIA members and affiliates in 2019. The Fund invests in projects which foster collaboration within the APSIA network, particularly across national borders. A committee of APSIA deans and directors selected two projects to support in 2022: Joseph Torigian of the American University School of International Service, Rachel Whitlark of the Georgia Institute of Tech...
Dec01, 2021

Calling all HBCU Grads: Jasmine McClam MPA ’22 on how her HBCU led her to SIPA

By Columbia University |December 1, 2021

Originally from Houston, TX, Jasmine McClam is a second-year MPA student concentrating in Urban and Social Policy (USP) and specializing in… Read More Calling all HBCU Grads: Jasmine McClam MPA ’22 on how her HBCU led her to SIPA...
Nov30, 2021

Closing the Gap on the Learning Curve: Tips from a Language Teacher studying at the HNC

By Johns Hopkins University |November 30, 2021

Some of you might remember Rebecca from our post introducing the banwei. This week, one of our resident banwei, and first-year SAIS-Bologna student, gives us tips on how to close the gap on the learning curve during our first semester at the HNC. Before starting my studies at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, I was pursuing my first master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) at California State University, Los Angeles. As teacher-in-training, I spent the first year of my program ...
Nov29, 2021

Application tips: Recommendations

By Tufts University |November 29, 2021

This is the time of year in which we receive a lot of requests for advice on preparing your application. I’ve written on this theme in the past, and I figured it’s helpful to hear a variety of perspectives from time to time. As such, I’ve asked the rest of the Admissions team to chime in with their advice on various pieces of the application. We’ll start today with Yaritza’s thoughts on letters of recommendation: Recommendation letters are a vital part of any appli...
Nov29, 2021

Don’t miss out on a class visit; featuring new class “Impact Measurement and Evaluation for Sustainable Development”

By Columbia University |November 29, 2021

The final virtual mini faculty lectures are coming out, and our professors and prospective candidates have had lively conversations about… Read More Don’t miss out on a class visit; featuring new class “Impact Measurement and Evaluation for Sustainable Development”...
Nov29, 2021

#WeAreElliott: Tyler Burrell

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |November 29, 2021

Tyler Burrell, M.A. Security Policy Studies, Global Gender Policy Certificate, Class of 2022, #WeAreElliott Current Student Tyler Burrell is currently in her second year of the Master of Arts program in Security Policy Studies at the Elliott School, concentrating in Transnational Security. She is simultaneously pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Global Gender Policy. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Georgia in December, 2019 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Internati...
Nov26, 2021

Shenzao and Beyond: Kickstarting Your Career at the HNC

By Johns Hopkins University |November 26, 2021

First-year MAIS student and Career Services student worker Albert Heidecke reflects on the unique career opportunities that students have access to once they join the Hopkins-Nanjing Center (HNC).深造 shenzao.  A great word that I heard many times in the first few weeks of starting at the HNC. It’s a response to a question that everyone wants to ask:  “Why did you come to the HNC?” Shenzao, literally translated to English as something like “deep creative...
Nov25, 2021


By Tufts University |November 25, 2021

Longtime blog readers are aware of the enthusiasm for Thanksgiving in this space. It’s one of my favorite holidays for striking the perfect balance of a number of tricky variables. There’s some special preparation required, sure, but not too much, especially with several people involved. It has tradition associated with it, but not to the point of feeling like burdensome obligation, and largely open to interpretation as its celebrants see fit. With no particular religious, social, or...
Nov24, 2021

Native American Heritage Month: The Story of Igiugig

By Harvard |November 24, 2021

Native American Heritage Month first began in 1986, and since 1995, every sitting president has issued an annual proclamation declaring November as Native American Heritage Month.  The month is meant to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, histories, and contributions of Native people. It is an important time to raise awareness about the unique challenges Native people have faced both historically and in the present and the ways in which tribal citizens have worked to conquer th...
Nov24, 2021

Immersion away from campus: returning student Austin Frenes gives us his best tips

By Johns Hopkins University |November 24, 2021

Second-year MAIS student Austin Frenes has not yet had the chance to study in person at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, but that hasn't stopped him from fostering an immersive Chinese-language environment while pursuing his studies. Although I have not been able to go to Nanjing while studying with the HNC, I have found numerous ways to advance my Mandarin skills outside the classroom and create a semi-immersive environment both in Italy and in California. I achieve this through watching Youtub...
Nov22, 2021

Application FAQs: Standardized Tests and Letters of Recommendation

By Harvard |November 22, 2021

As the December 1 application deadline rapidly approaches, we’ve noticed some frequently asked questions from prospective students regarding several components of the application – particularly standardized tests and letters of recommendation. Read on to find the answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received.Q: Do I need to take all standardized tests prior to the application deadline? A: You must take all required tests by the application deadline. If official scores are not...
Nov22, 2021

Don’t let imposter syndrome stop you from applying – here’s my advice.

By Columbia University |November 22, 2021

The graduate school application process, no doubt, involves a lot of physical, mental, and emotional energy. It’s also fair to… Read More Don’t let imposter syndrome stop you from applying – here’s my advice....
Nov22, 2021

Professional Development Days with the Office of Career Services

By Tufts University |November 22, 2021

Our Office of Career Services (OCS) is an innovative bunch, and today I’d like to share a bit about some of their recent new programming: Professional Development Days. A campus-based complement to the New York City and Washington, DC career trips historically offered by OCS, Professional Development Days give Fletcher students the opportunity to learn more about professional sectors of interest, build data visualization and GIS skills, and generally focus on their career development. The ...
Nov22, 2021

#WeAreElliott: Kimberly Archuleta

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |November 22, 2021

Kimberly Archuleta, M.A. Latin American and Hemispheric Students, Class of 2022, #WeAreElliott Current Student Kimberly Archuleta has a BA in International Affairs and a minor in Political Science from the University of Colorado Boulder, during which time she studied abroad in Costa Rica. In undergrad, Kimberly interned with the International Rescue Committee and the Department of State. Currently, Kimberly is a case management analyst with the DoS Refugee Processing Center and is working on...
Nov18, 2021

Financial Aid Application Now Available to Applicants

By Harvard |November 18, 2021

Applying to graduate school is an exciting process, though we realize it requires significant investment in your future. We are here to be your partner for financial assistance.The HKS financial aid process is a comprehensive process that includes funding based on merit and financial need. All applicants who apply for admission and submit the HKS financial aid application are considered for financial aid. Awards vary in amount and not all who apply receive funding, but our most generous fellowsh...
Nov18, 2021

Program Spotlight: Map Your Future

By Tufts University |November 18, 2021

College seniors, this post is for you! While I am now definitely old enough to be thought of as “old” by people your age, I actually remember pretty well what it’s like to be in your shoes around now. If you’re graduating this coming May, you probably still feel like you have some time to figure out What’s Next (you do, don’t worry), but also are starting to feel a bit of pressure or anxiety knowing that your last semester is likely to go by quickly (you’...
Nov16, 2021

Application season in full swing

By Tufts University |November 16, 2021

It’s around this time of year that it starts to feel like there’s a lot happening at once in our office. We’re currently working with students admitted for the January 2022 semester as they make their enrollment plans, and also beginning the process of reviewing applications received by last week’s Early Notification deadline (which I believe I’ve mentioned in this space two or three thousand times). The latter involves not just reading applications ourselves, but c...
Nov16, 2021

Upcoming events in anticipation of U.S. Thanksgiving Break

By Columbia University |November 16, 2021

Please know that Columbia University will be closed in observance of the U.S. Thanksgiving holidays from November 24 – 26.… Read More Upcoming events in anticipation of U.S. Thanksgiving Break...
Nov16, 2021

Alumni Book Chat with Brian Linden: Redefining Diplomacy: One Village at a Time

By Johns Hopkins University |November 16, 2021

On November 4th, Co-Director Adam Webb hosted a discussion with HNC ’88 alumnus Brian Linden, the co-founder of the Linden Centre in Xizhou, China. This event was an excellent opportunity to hear Brian Linden introduce his forthcoming book, Redefining Diplomacy: One Village at a Time, and to hear about his fascinating life as he became interested in China and the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. Brian Linden was part of the HNC's second cohort. His book traces what he describes as an “unlik...
Nov15, 2021

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying to an International Dual Degree Program

By Columbia University |November 15, 2021

As an international dual degree student between Sciences Po Paris and SIPA, I can attest that these programs present a… Read More Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying to an International Dual Degree Program...
Nov11, 2021

Observing Veterans Day at the Kennedy School

By Harvard |November 11, 2021

Harvard Kennedy School has one of the largest populations of students who have served in the military across all of Harvard University. This should come as no surprise – veterans embody the Kennedy School’s commitment to public service. As we observe Veterans Day today, we honor the dedication and sacrifice of those in the HKS community who have served. Honoring Veterans in the HKS Community Photo above: Members of the Harvard community to gathered on the HKS Quad-...
Nov10, 2021

Planning a PhD application?

By Tufts University |November 10, 2021

Hi folks! Former blogger-in-chief Jessica here — occupying the Admissions Blog while Dan is taking a walk through the Hall of Flags. This is the moment in the fall semester when we start hearing regularly from prospective applicants to Fletcher’s PhD program in International Relations. In some ways, they’re just like applicants to our master’s degrees, with questions about where-to-put-what in the application form, but their focus on their planned research is what makes t...
Nov10, 2021

Sign up for a virtual class visit; featuring new class “Multilateral Negotiations — Climate Change”

By Columbia University |November 10, 2021

If you are thinking of graduate school, attending a class is a fantastic way of determining if a school’s experience… Read More Sign up for a virtual class visit; featuring new class “Multilateral Negotiations — Climate Change”...
Nov09, 2021

Early Notification final deadline reminder – November 10

By Tufts University |November 9, 2021

Today, a quick final reminder to those of you planning to apply for Early Notification: the application deadline is November 10 at 11:59 PM EST. We’re looking forward to receiving your applications! ...
Nov09, 2021

Career Diversity: A behind the scenes look at the HNC Finance Career Trek

By Johns Hopkins University |November 9, 2021

Hopkins-Nanjing Center (HNC) Career Services student worker and first-year MAIS student Nathan Rose gives us the inside scoop on the lessons learned from planning one of the famous HNC Career Treks.               Hi! My name is Nathan Rose, and aside from being a normal HNC student I also work at the Career Services office. This month I was involved with organizing the HNC China Virtual Finance Panel. In organizing this event, I learned a lot abo...
Nov08, 2021

Student bloggers: introducing Sapna

By Tufts University |November 8, 2021

Today we’ll meet Sapna, who coins a term for her unique circumstances I quite like. Sapna isn’t alone in having had the course of her studies disrupted by the pandemic, but we’re at least happy that it means we get to have her in our student community a bit longer: Hi, I am Sapna, a MALD “super-second year” (we haven’t yet found a good word to describe a MALD student in their 5th semester, all suggestions welcome). Due to the pandemic, some of us who joined in September ...
Nov08, 2021

Common Application Questions: Types of Recommenders

By Columbia University |November 8, 2021

As a Program Assistant at SIPA Admissions, I’ve noticed several concerns regarding recommenders for the MIA/MPA application. Below are answers… Read More Common Application Questions: Types of Recommenders...