Sep21, 2018

Wheels up! Fall Travel Begins

By Princeton University |September 21, 2018

Wheels up! Fall Travel BeginsSep 21, 2018As summer turns to fall, our team hits the road to recruit the next class of public servant leaders. We’ve already made stops in Atlanta and DC for APSIA Graduate School Fairs and will soon be making our way to the Midwest, Mexico, and Colombia with colleagues from four top policy schools. If you are near Chicago, Mexico City, or Bogotá, we hope you will join us at an informational reception. Please click on the respective link for more details and to ...
Sep21, 2018

Using Mobile Payments in China

By Johns Hopkins University |September 21, 2018

Student blogger Amanda Bogan, MAIS ’18, shares an overview on how mobile payments have changed daily life in China. As anyone who has visited China in the past few years knows, mobile payment platforms such as Wechat Money ( 微信钱 ) and Alipay ( 支付宝 ) have dramatically altered payment methods and almost entirely eliminated the need to carry around cash in most parts of China. Though I was somewhat skeptical before I started using mobile payment platforms myself, I now use them e...
Sep21, 2018

Co-founder of Think.iT, Mehemed Bougsea ‘17, Shares His Entrepreneurial Journey

By Columbia University |September 21, 2018

Mehemed Bougsea MPA-DP ’17 is transforming Tunsia’s tech sector with his start-up Think.iT. Bougsea founded Think.iT after many years of desiring equality in tech markets across different countries. Growing up between Libya and Germany, Mehemed saw the vast difference in openings for jobs in the tech sector. He saw this as an injustice to gifted and […]...
Sep21, 2018

2019 Application Cycle Fellowship/Scholarship Information – Post #5

By Harvard |September 21, 2018

Upcoming Funding Your HKS Degree Virtual Sessions At HKS Student Financial Services, we understand that graduate school can be a huge financial commitment. To help familiarize applicants with this important topic, we have put together some virtual programming to provide prospective students with detailed information about available resources and the application process.Applying for admission to HKS and for financial aid is a two step process. First an applicant submits an admission application ...
Sep20, 2018

#ElliottProud: Roberta Braga

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |September 20, 2018

Roberta Braga is an associate director at the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center at the Atlantic Council, a DC-based foreign policy think-tank, where she spearheads research and policy outreach on Brazil, Cuba, anti-corruption, and energy policy, and manages the Center’s media and communications. Roberta previously worked as a strategic communications analyst at the US Department of Homeland Security, and at Promega Corporation, an international biotechnology firm headquartered in Madison, W...
Sep20, 2018

Internships: Worldwide Woos*

By Princeton University |September 20, 2018

Internships: Worldwide Woos*Sep 20, 2018September is a homecoming of sorts as our second-year MPAs return for the fall term. Each one was engaged in a summer internship, a signature requirement of the MPA program. In between year one and year two, our MPA students take on an internship related to their interests. Our Office of Graduate Career Services (OGCS) works closely with students throughout their first year to assess their interests, polish up their resumes, help prepare for interviews, an...
Sep20, 2018

Future, consider yourself Mapped!

By Tufts University |September 20, 2018

Way back in 2011, Jessica wrote about Fletcher’s then-brand new Map Your Future application pathway. Being an optimistic bunch, we were excited to bring online a unique program to help younger candidates get to Fletcher (in brief, “MYF” is a mechanism for a two-to-three year deferred admission for college seniors and recent grads. Check out the details to learn more). Like any complex new initiative, it’s been a gradual process involving a lot of tweaks and behind-the-sc...
Sep20, 2018

Course Offerings and Faculty

By Harvard |September 20, 2018

I have been engaged in a lot of recruitment travel recently and many questions I have fielded have had to do with the course offerings available to HKS students. I am happy to share that both our course listings and faculty directory are open to the public on our website. As is shown in this screen shot, courses can be searched by policy topics, academic areas, and geographies. And our faculty directory is searchable by keyword or by policy topic or center affiliation.  One amazing benefit ...
Sep19, 2018

#WeAreElliott: Aldwin Yusgiantoro

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |September 19, 2018

Aldwin Yusgiantoro is am an international student from Indonesia entering his second year as a graduate student in the International Development Studies program. He was born and raised in Jakarta but spent a good amount of years in Singapore. His focus at the Elliott School is on private sector development and social enterprises development looking specifically in the Asia-Pacific region. Aldwin received his Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Colorado at Boulder sp...
Sep19, 2018

Fall 2018 News and Notes – Post #1

By Harvard |September 19, 2018

This post is the first in a series that will run this fall focused on providing useful information and answers to common questions leading up to the December 3, 2018 master’s programs admission application deadline.Below are some common questions from applicants along with answers.Question: Is there any advantage to submitting my application early?Quite honestly, no. Our admission committees do not start to review applications until after the December 3 deadline has passed. However, there i...
Sep18, 2018

Don’t forget the APSIA DC Fair today!

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |September 18, 2018

The Office of Graduate Admissions is proud to be an exhibitor at this year’s APSIA DC Graduate School Fair! There’s still time to register! ...
Sep18, 2018

Ye ’15 named Executive Search and Assessment Professional At Russell-Reynolds Associates

By Syracuse University |September 18, 2018

Iris Ye ’15 BA (econ) was recently named executive search and assessment professional at Russell-Reynolds Associates in Shanghai, China. Russell-Reynolds Associates, a management consulting firm, currently operates as a premier provider of senior-level executive search and assessment. Previously, Ye served as a research associate for Signium International Inc. in Shanghai/Hong Kong, China. ...
Sep18, 2018

A bit about the new class

By Tufts University |September 18, 2018

I always enjoy browsing through the profile of our entering class each fall. While many broad attributes remain the same year to year, there are always a few interesting factoids and unique details that give each class its own character. One that jumps out from this year’s report is the slightly higher enrollment of men than women in the first year class. The split is within the typical range (52%/48%, in this case), but Laurie tells me that this is the first time in at least a dozen years...
Sep18, 2018

What Can You Do With A Policy School Degree? Post #16

By Harvard |September 18, 2018

Prospective applicants will sometimes ask what kinds of employment opportunities and/or initiatives are pursued by those who earn a policy school degree, and in this series we are highlighting some of our alumni.What can you do with a policy school degree? You can work with businesses to re-balance their carbon footprint using forest carbon credits and to link them to sustainable commodity sourcing. Kate Dillon Levin (MPA/ID 2009) is the VP of Marketing for North America at Ecosphere+, and is b...
Sep14, 2018

Is Colorado’s Governor’s Race Competitive?

By University of Denver |September 14, 2018

Republicans are at risk to lose some governorships in the 2018 midterm elections, which could affect the presidential reelection and have a negative impact on redistricting after the 2020 census. Republicans have 26 seats to defend with only 19 held by Democrats in the election.StatesRepublicans are on the defensive in a number of states, including Florida, Ohio and Illinois. One open seat they would like to win is Colorado. Outside observers, like Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia...
Sep14, 2018

National Dashboard: Consensus Builds, Democrats Have Momentum for a Majority

By University of Denver |September 14, 2018

After a dilatory spring when polls and signs were weak (see “Blue Wave or Just a Ripple”), Democrats have regained the momentum for retaking the House of Representatives. In fact, even Mike Coffman’s seat is now rated a toss-up with a Democratic lean by Nate Silver’s 538.Some of the data:Presidential approval remains in the low 40s and mired in negative territory. Strong disapproval is 10 to 15 points larger than strong approval in polls that ask the intensity feelings (Gallup, May 2018)...
Sep14, 2018

Fletcher student organizations on display

By Tufts University |September 14, 2018

With all the conversations I have with prospective students about the admissions process and academic requirements at Fletcher, I often try to remind people that grad school isn’t just about taking a bunch of classes. One of the key components of the vibrancy of our community is the variety of active student organizations, which make up what I think of as Fletcher’s civil society. These groups include student-run academic and professional journals, regional or issue-specific organiza...
Sep14, 2018

Health Care Top Issue, Especially for Women

By University of Denver |September 14, 2018

Health care registers as the second most important issue in numerous surveys just after jobs and the economy, which the public is increasingly satisfied with. It is the top issue for women, and women are a challenge for Republicans in the 2018 midterms.According to a recent CBS News poll (8-13-18), health care ranked first by both younger (18-35) and older women (over 35) when asked what issue will be very important in their vote for Congress. Also, 68 percent of women said the candidate must ag...
Sep14, 2018

Colorado to Get a New Congressional Seat. Where Will it Land?

By University of Denver |September 14, 2018

Mark Harden in Colorado Politics reports that Colorado is one of the six states expected to pick up a House seat after the decennial census in 2020. It won’t affect the 2020 presidential electoral distribution, but the next Trump-like candidate will have fewer electoral votes in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to depend upon, but more in Texas, Florida and North Carolina.Colorado’s Front Range has been in a rapid growth mode this decade and will likely get the most benefit of ...
Sep14, 2018

Americans Believe Race Relations Have Worsened in Trump Era, But Divided Over Who’s Most Threatened

By University of Denver |September 14, 2018

By 57 percent to 15 percent, Americans believe race relations are worse 18 months into the Trump administration than during the Obama presidency. Respondents rated relations under Barack Obama’s term 38 percent better to 37 percent worse.The poll conducted in early August and reported by Larry Sabato for the University of Virginia Center for Politics also highlighted many of the divisions and anxieties about race and race relations that affect Americans. For example, super majorities adhere to...
Sep14, 2018

Satisfy Your Johns Hopkins SAIS Economics Admissions Requirements

By Johns Hopkins University |September 14, 2018

Are you a prospective Master of Arts student with no background in economics?  Worried about the school’s economics admissions requirements?  Fear not!  Johns Hopkins SAIS offers a 12-week fully online Principles of Economics course that fulfills both the introductory micro and macroeconomics prerequisites if you receive a B- or higher.  The Online Principles of Economics course is divided into two modules of five weeks each, with a week in between and at the end for the mi...
Sep14, 2018

2018 New Student Post #3

By Harvard |September 14, 2018

Qingyang Xu is a MC/MPA Edward S. Mason Program student. He graduated from Tsinghua University and Tianjin University under the Wang Kechang Special Scholarship and was certified as an official torchbearer for the Beijing Olympics. Qingyang works in Sinochem Group, one of the largest state-owned enterprises with annual revenue of $80 billion in the industry of energy, chemistry, agriculture, finance and real estate. Before studying in HKS, he was the Head of Human Resources in Sinochem Energy. A...
Sep13, 2018

#ElliottProud: Joshua Park

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |September 13, 2018

Joshua Park received his MA in International Affairs at the Elliott School in 2016. He concentrated on International Economics, studying international economic theory while getting introduced to econometrics and statistical analysis and programming. He also served as an officer for the Graduate Student Forum where he organized a spring gala for the graduate students of the Elliott School. During his time as a student, he interned with the Woodrow Wilson Center, McLarty Associates, and the State...
Sep13, 2018

Program Assistant Introduction: Kier Joy

By Columbia University |September 13, 2018

Our next program assistant introduction highlights one who has previously been featured before on the blog – Kier Joy! Kier Joy is a second-year student at SIPA studying Urban Social Policy and International Conflict Resolution. He was raised a military brat, having lived all over the U.S. and in the UK. He graduated from the […]...
Sep13, 2018

Summer Internships in China

By Johns Hopkins University |September 13, 2018

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center Internship Support Fund (HISF) provides financial assistance to international students interning in China at a variety of organizations over the summer. Read on to hear about their internship experiences. Stephanie Gruetze, Certificate ’18, interned at China Policy, a policy analysis and strategic advisory firm headquartered in Beijing. She interned within the agriculture portfolio, looking at the effect of policy changes on both China’s domestic market and interna...
Sep13, 2018

2018 Previous Application Review Notes – Post #5

By Harvard |September 13, 2018

This post is the fifth entry in a series focused on my review of applications from the past. When commenting on previous essays, my goal is not to provide a specific template for how to write an effective essay, my hope is that my thoughts will help applicants reflect on ways to highlight their own personal motivations and experiences in unique ways; ways that connect with Admissions Committee members. I will also comment on other parts of the application I am reviewing as I see fit and the same...
Sep12, 2018

WWS Graduate Application is Live!

By Princeton University |September 12, 2018

WWS Graduate Application is Live!Sep 12, 2018At the Wilson School, orientation for our newest Woos is complete and fall classes have begun. As the season turns to fall, our graduate admissions office is already recruiting the next great class of public servants. Our 2018-2019 viewbook is hot off the presses, and our admission application for Fall 2019 entry is now live. Note, the application deadline this year is December 1, 11:59pm Eastern time. We hope you’ll take the time to learn more abou...
Sep12, 2018

#WeAreElliott: Anuja Mohapatra

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |September 12, 2018

Anuja Mohapatra is a second-year masters candidate in the International Development Studies program with a concentration on climate resilience and natural resource management in South and Southeast Asia. During her time at the Elliott School, she has interned at the National Democratic Institute as a project assistant for the Citizen Participation team and completed a pro-bono consultancy with USAID designing a civic engagement program in Cambodia. She currently serves as the communications cha...
Sep12, 2018

An exciting reunion at Fletcher

By Tufts University |September 12, 2018

To paraphrase recent Fletcher grad and former student blogger Mariya, the Fletcher community is everywhere. Every so often, some members of our community turn out to have a pre-Fletcher history, and this year brings us a particularly unique instance of a longstanding friendship continuing into the academic year. Long before earning his PhD at Fletcher and returning to join the faculty, Rockford Weitz – Professor of Practice, Entrepreneur Coach, and Director of the Fletcher Maritime Studie...
Sep12, 2018

2019 Application Long-Term Planning Series – Post #22

By Harvard |September 12, 2018

The admission application for 2019 consideration is now open and I will use this entry to close out our long-term planning series by listing the essay prompts on the application and answering a few common questions we receive about the prompts. More advice regarding essay prompt responses is being offered in a series focused on my review of previous applications. First, we are frequently asked if there is a place on the application to include information important for the Admissions Committee ...