0627, 2017

2017 Incoming Class: Mini Mohan

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |June 27, 2017

  Meet Mini (formally ‘Saudamini’) – First year MIPP student from Mumbai, India! I earned my undergrad degree in Physics and thereafter got an MBA degree in Marketing and Finance in India. I have been working in Banking & Financial Services in Mumbai for a decade and my baptism by fire happened in the global financial crisis of 2007 My areas of focus at the Elliott School will be in Conflict Resolution, Regional Security Studies, and International Economic Policy. I ...
0627, 2017

Roxanne’s reading list: Moving beyond the everyday choices

By Tufts University |June 27, 2017

With each of the utterly optional summer reading lists I’ve posted so far, another has emerged.  Last week, Roxanne (who wrote for the blog from 2012-14, while she was in the MALD program, and is now a PhD candidate) asked me if I would like an additional list, this time focused on writers who are less often represented by traditional curricula.  I was delighted to receive her offer and I’m even more delighted to share her suggestions with you.  I’ll let Roxanne take it from...
0627, 2017

2017 Recruitment Travel – Post #7

By Harvard |June 27, 2017

Representatives of HKS often travel and set aside time to meet with prospective applicants and this post continues our series on planned travels for this year. Although we have confirmed plans to visit many locations, many of the details are still pending and when we finalize event information we will make posts to this blog.  Matt Clemons, Director of Admissions, will be spend over a week in Washington, DC in mid-to-late July and is working with alumni to coordinate evening receptions/informat...
0627, 2017

5 Items to get you through Micro and Macro

By Columbia University |June 27, 2017

Former PA Ayanda Francis offers her best advice for surviving SIPA's macro and micro courses...and it's not what you're expecting. ...
0626, 2017

Walt Addison Linscott ’83 BA (PSc) is now president COO and general counsel of business development at Biotech Venture – Treiber Therapeutics, Inc.

By Syracuse University |June 26, 2017

Walt Addison Linscott is now president COO and general counsel of business development at Biotech Venture – Treiber Therapeutics, Inc., a firm that develops, invests in, and manages early stage biotechnology companies. In his role, he is responsible for strategic development, finance, business development, management, and all legal issues pertaining to various enterprises under development. This is not his first position in the biotechnology industry. Previously, he was business operat...
0626, 2017

2018 Application Long-Term Planning Series – Post #6

By Harvard |June 26, 2017

This is the sixth post in our long-term application planning series (links to previous posts at the bottom of this entry). One thing I highly recommend doing even before the application is available (early September) is thinking carefully about the individuals you will select to write the required three letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are an important part of our review process and my advice starts with contacting the individuals you will choose many months before the deadli...
0626, 2017

Saisers Share their Summer Intern Journals

By Johns Hopkins University |June 26, 2017

Every summer, Saisers in our Master of Arts program undertake internships around the world. Their unique experiences give them the opportunity to apply their academic preparation to the field of interest. Given the diversity of internships globally, SAIS Europe Admissions wanted to share some of our students’ journals directly with our incoming Fall 2017 Class. Below is the first diary entry from rising second MA student, Gaston Melo Felgueres, a Mexican national who is a conflict management ...
0623, 2017

2017 Incoming Class: Cristina Guevara

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |June 23, 2017

Meet Cristina – First year Global Communications student from Panama! I was born in Panama City, Panama, to a Panamanian mother and Canadian father. From a young age, I witnessed a radical disparity between the city’s flourishing economy and the poverty plaguing the rest of the country. This extreme contrast made me eager to learn more about the causes and effects of injustice and corruption. My father, a political science professor and writer, read bedtime stories to me each night, spar...
0623, 2017

Human Rights study at Fletcher

By Tufts University |June 23, 2017

Some weeks ago, a blog reader named Rumal asked me if I would pull together some information about offerings in Human Rights study at Fletcher.  I’m always happy to run with a good suggestion, but I knew it would require some research.  Fortunately for me, the Admissions Office front desk has received well-educated staffing from a job-hunting new graduate, Rafael.  I asked Rafael to do some digging, and here’s what he reports. Fletcher’s interdisciplinary curriculum allows s...
0623, 2017

Fall 2017 New Students Series: Sierra Robbins

By Columbia University |June 23, 2017

In our next New Students Series installment, I'm introducing you to Sierra Robbins, from San Diego, California. Sierra works in the women's reproductive healthcare field and wants to learn how to be more effective in the field by joining SIPA'S MPA in Development Practice program. One thing she really looks forward to in the fall is connecting with her new classmates and picking their brains. Welcome Sierra and good luck soaking up everyone's knowledge!...
0622, 2017


By Tufts University |June 22, 2017

This evening, Fletcher will host Boston Summerfest, which means that at 5:30, the Hall of Flags will suddenly throw off its summer quiet and lively up.  It’ll be…Summerfestive!  Jointly with our colleagues from Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, and Princeton, we’ll welcome Fletcher students, alumni of all our schools, and prospective students interested in international affairs graduate study.  We’re excited about this first-ever Boston Summerfest event. Later this ...
0622, 2017

2017 Student Life Insight Series – Post #28

By Harvard |June 22, 2017

Reflecting on the HKS Mantra This post was authored by Hamada Dara Zahawi (MC/MPA ‘17). Hamada is an Iraqi-American, former International Attorney-Advisor with the U.S. Department of Commerce. He received his Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, where he was president of the Harvard Arab Student Association.When HKS’ mantra posits “Ask What You Can Do,” they don’t only mean after graduation, they also mean during your time as a Student. When the Harvard...
0621, 2017

2017 Nanjing City Dragon Boat Festival

By Johns Hopkins University |June 21, 2017

During the Dragon Boat holiday in June, the HNC participated in Nanjing’s annual dragon boat race and held the annual end of the year barbecue at the HNC.  Levi Johnson, one of the members of the student committee (banwei), was instrumental in organizing the barbecue and also participated on the cheer team for the dragon boat festival. For this post, I have asked Levi share his memories from the photos of the Dragon Boat Festival weekend.The Dragon Boat team competing in their festival ra...
0621, 2017

2017 Recruitment Travel – Post #6

By Harvard |June 21, 2017

Representatives of HKS often travel and set aside time to meet with prospective applicants and this post continues our series on planned travels for this year. Although we have confirmed plans to visit many locations, many of the details are still pending and when we finalize event information we will make posts to this blog.  Matt Clemons, Director of Admissions, will be spend over a week in Washington, DC in mid-to-late July and is working with alumni to coordinate evening receptions/informat...
0621, 2017

Summer Coffee Hours

By Tufts University |June 21, 2017

In an annual tradition, we’ve asked recent graduates and current students to offer a Coffee Hour wherever they’re spending the summer.  These are informal events where prospective applicants and incoming students can sit and chat with someone who’s in the know about the program.  Here’s the list of locations where folks will be grabbing a coffee and pulling up a chair.  For updated details, check the Coffee Hours website. Abuja, Nigeria Ahmedabad, India Athens, Greece...
0621, 2017

What admitted students want to know about paying for SIPA

By Columbia University |June 21, 2017

Have questions about billing and payments, work study, or student loans? Our financial aid staff compiled a list of commonly-asked questions and answers to help alleviate some of these concerns....
0620, 2017

International Careers Workshop for Students and Young Professionals

By Harvard |June 20, 2017

We are passing this invitation from the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) along to our audience. Matt Clemons, HKS Director of Admissions, will be attending the event to speak with prospective students. * * * * * * * * * * * APSIA Diversity Forum 2017On behalf of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA), I invite you to participate in a special workshop for students and young professionals on Saturday, July...
0619, 2017

Nilab Mobarez ’16 EMPA is now Secretary General of the Afghan Red Crescent Society

By Syracuse University |June 19, 2017

Nilab Mobarez ’16 EMPA has been appointed as Secretary General of the Afghan Red Crescent Society. Founded in 1934, the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) is the Afghan affiliate for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies—the world’s largest humanitarian network. ARCS performs a large range of humanitarian duties in Afghanistan, including disaster management, health services, and youth development. In her role as secretary general, Mobarez is respon...
0619, 2017

Scott Morelli ’05 MPA is now city manager of South Portland, Maine

By Syracuse University |June 19, 2017

Scott Morelli is now the city manager of South Portland, Maine — the state’s fourth-largest city and an important center for retail and industry. He brings over 12 years of municipal government experience to the role. Previously, he served as the city manger of Gardiner, Maine, and in other local government positions, including as executive assistant of Framingham, Massachusetts, and as selectmen’s assistant in Waterboro, Maine.     ...
0619, 2017

One more summer reading list

By Tufts University |June 19, 2017

Our friends who manage the Fletcher Facebook page have put together a collection of books written this year by Fletcher alumni and members of the faculty.  Click on the photo for details on the collection. ...
0619, 2017

2017 Student Life Insight Series – Post #27

By Harvard |June 19, 2017

Building a Safer Road: Piyush Tewari MC/MPA 2017  For many people in the U.S., it’s hard to imagine walking away from the scene of an automobile accident without offering help. Whatever the action–calling emergency services or holding a victim’s hand–there are means of support that seem impossible to withhold. But in India, would-be good Samaritans have for years been hesitant to help those injured in car accidents, for fear of significant legal and procedural hassles: someti...
0619, 2017

Join us for Summerfest 2017 in Boston, DC or NYC

By Columbia University |June 19, 2017

If you've ever wanted to learn more about graduate school, then now's your chance. Join SIPA for a free evening reception and mini graduate-school fair this summer in Boston, Washington, D.C. or New York City. You'll get to pick the brains of alumni, students, and staff from five top graduate programs in public policy and international affairs. We'll be joined by Georgetown MSFS, Johns Hopkins SAIS, Princeton WWS, and Tufts Fletcher....
0616, 2017

2017 Incoming Class: Daniel McCarthy

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |June 16, 2017

Meet Daniel – First year Security Policy Studies student specializing in Energy Security. I grew up in Idaho (potatoes ain’t the only thing we grow) and graduated from the University of Idaho in 2014 with a degree in International Studies and Spanish. During my undergrad, I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Bilbao, Spain for two semesters. Needless to say, I caught the travel bug. After my undergrad, I had no idea what I wanted to do and no good job prospects, so I said screw it, ...
0616, 2017

Politics & Polls #48: Wake Up to Politics with Gabe Fleisher

By Princeton University |June 16, 2017

Politics & Polls #48: Wake Up to Politics with Gabe FleisherJun 16, 2017One of the ongoing challenges in American politics is appealing to younger demographics - not simply through elections and voter turn-out but engaging young people with the political process. Today’s young people - and even some adults – find politics difficult to digest and unappealing, presenting challenges in the ways that Americans learn, interpret and analyze politics. */ Gabe Fleisher, a 15-year-old student i...
0616, 2017

2017 Student Life Insight Series – Post #26

By Harvard |June 16, 2017

The Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School (JMEPP) was established in 2011 by two MPP students, joining an impressive array of existing student-run journals at the Kennedy School – more than all other policy schools in the United States combined, in fact!Today, JMEPP’s mission is to provide analysis on issues of policy relevance to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This includes oft-discussed issues like national security and foreign pol...
0616, 2017

Fall 2017 New Students Series: Karl Hendler

By Columbia University |June 16, 2017

This week I shared we're gearing up for our annual introduction series featuring the incoming Fall 2017 class. To get us started, please welcome Karl Hendler from Richfield, Ohio. Karl was a philosophy major from the University of Southern California, and joined the US Marine Corps upon graduation. (Thank you for your service, Karl!) He's joining SIPA to change gears and focus more on designing policy rather than executing it. ...
0615, 2017

Another British Surprise Election

By University of Denver |June 15, 2017

Conservative British Prime Ministers should stop calling elections. The Brexit referendum cost Prime Minister Cameron his position and this latest snap parliamentary election has ended Theresa May’s political clout, although she may remain in office for now.Once again, the British polls missed the full late surge of Labour, although they captured the race closing. In my blog of June 7, British ElectionDraws Closer, I cited what most British pundits now agree were the major causes of the upset:...
0615, 2017

Jonathan Rosenthal ’86 MPA has new book published: “Small Town Economic Development: Reports on Growth Strategies in Practice”

By Syracuse University |June 15, 2017

Jonathan Rosenthal’s new book, Small Town Economic Development: Reports on Growth Strategies in Practice, co-edited by Joaquin Jay Gonzalez III and Roger L. Kemp, has been published by the independent academic publisher McFarland. The book is a collection of recent articles that address stories of struggle in small-town America and describes innovations and practices behind successful small-town revivals. In the book, Rosenthal draws from over 35 years of experience in economic deve...
0615, 2017

2017 HNC Commencement

By Johns Hopkins University |June 15, 2017

On June 9, the Hopkins-Nanjing Center held its thirty-first commencement to celebrate the hard work of the certificate and MAIS students. Congratulations to the HNC class of 2017!This year the HNC was proud to host three alumni from the graduating class of 1995: Qi Kezhan, Josh Perlman, and Helen Yang. Graduates, professors, staff and assembled friends and family clearly enjoyed the sincere and meaningful stories that the speakers shared of their life at the HNC and how connections made at the H...
0615, 2017

2017 Incoming Class: Hannah Dannenfeldt

By Elliott School Graduate Admissions |June 15, 2017

Having received her Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs with a concentration in conflict resolution at the Elliott School in May 2016, Hannah is excited to return this fall to pursue a Master of Arts in Security Policy Studies. Following graduation last May, she received a David L. Boren Fellowship to study Swahili both domestically and in Tanzania for the past year. As a Boren Fellow, Hannah also worked with a local Tanzanian NGO, which strives to reduce and prevent land conflict between...