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Chinese Proficiency (STAMP) Test Update-Virtual Proctoring

By |September 18th, 2017|APSIA Member Blog Posts|

The first step in the HNC application process is taking Avant Assessment’s STAMP Chinese Proficiency Test. The STAMP test is online, multiple-choice, and includes a reading and listening section. Although we see applicants with varied Chinese language experience, applicants have typically completed 3-4 years of college level Chinese and spent time in China.

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering two options for completing the STAMP test. This year, you will be able to choose from in-person test proctoring and virtual test proctoring. In-person proctoring requires you to find a test proctor to supervise the test. Virtual proctoring provides you with an alternative should you not be able to find a test proctor. Please see below for details about each test option.

In-Person Test Proctoring
Cost: $15
Details: On the STAMP test request applicants must indicate a proctor who will administer their test. Anyone in a professional capacity can serve as a proctor and does not need to have Chinese language proficiency. Applicants have asked professors, work supervisors, administrators, librarians, and testing centers in the past.

Virtual Test Proctoring
Cost: $30
Details: After you submit the STAMP request form, a link will be emailed to you to set up an account with a virtual proctoring test provider. Be sure to notify the HNC Washington Office after you complete the test.

Once you have completed the STAMP test, you will be notified of your results and which HNC programs you are eligible for in two business days.  The test is designed to be challenging, so don’t be discouraged if you find the test difficult. We find that applicants generally score higher than they thought they would. We encourage all interested students to take the STAMP test to gauge their Chinese level.

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September Admissions Events

By |September 14th, 2017|APSIA Member Blog Posts|

Join us this September for one of our admissions events! For more information, check out our recruiting calendar here.Week of September 11-15 Thursday 9/14/2017 at 12:30 PM -- Masters Programs for Experienced Professionals (Master of Arts in Globa...

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Learn more about the Johns Hopkins Master of Arts Program!

By |September 8th, 2017|APSIA Member Blog Posts|

Come join us today at 6 PM for an on campus Master of Arts information session.RSVP: http://bit.ly/2wKtKZw

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Top 5 Things to Remember When Applying to Graduate School

By |September 6th, 2017|APSIA Member Blog Posts|

It's never to early to start working on your graduate school applications! The Hopkins-Nanjing Center's early notification deadline is November 1 and the general deadline is February 1. As application season gets underway, we have compiled 5 tips to keep in mind. You'll find even more application guidance by clicking on the links below.

If you have more specific questions, feel free to reach out to the admissions team at nanjing@jhu.edu.   

Tip #1: Write a specific personal statement that clearly addresses your individual career goals. It’s not called a “personal” statement for nothing!
  • Admissions officers like to see that you have taken the time to become familiar with the Hopkins-Nanjing Center and can articulate how you see yourself and your career goals fitting in to the specific program.
  • Don’t waste this opportunity to tell admissions officers about your interests and career goals by rehashing your resume. In the past, we have had students write about lessons they learned from playing ping pong with a Chinese classmate. Another student wrote about her experience at a Chinese rural hospital. We encourage you to get creative! 

Tip #2: There are more funding opportunities than you think and fellowship deadlines may be before the HNC application deadline. 
  • Online resources such as Fastweb and Collegenet can guide your search for fellowships that apply for you intended program of study. 
  • Be sure to submit your financial aid application by February 1 for general admission and November 1 for early notification. All students who do will receive a fellowship if accepted, regardless of their program choice. You also may be eligible for one of our new fellowships
Tip #3: Go for quality over quantity for your letters of recommendation
  • You can submit 2-3 letters of recommendation. Don’t feel pressured to find a third recommender just to meet the maximum.  A good letter of recommendation should come from a professor, adviser, or work supervisor who knows you well and can speak to your specific strengths. 
  • Be sure to ask your recommender for your letter well in advance of the application deadline. Since many graduate programs share similar deadlines, chances are that you will not be the only student asking your professor for a recommendation.

Tip #4:  Submit a polished resume.
  • A resume should be no more than two pages, include specific experience and be personalized for your skills and your experience. 
  • The look and feel of a resume is important. It can make a difference to standardize the formatting and spacing on your resume. 

Tip #5: Proofread, proofread, proofread!
  • The last thing you want is for an admissions officer to have a negative impression on an otherwise great application because of a grammar mistake. It’s always great to have a second pair of eyes (or third or fourth!) on your application. Ask a friend, professor or colleague to look over your application. 

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New Fellowship Opportunities for Fall 2018

By |August 31st, 2017|APSIA Member Blog Posts|

We are pleased to announce two new fellowships for students applying to the Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Fall 2018. Our new Diversity Fellowship and Young Professionals in China Fellowship are offered to students who can demonstrate how their diverse bac...

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SAIS Student Snapshot – Krishnan Raghavan

By |August 25th, 2017|APSIA Member Blog Posts|


Krishnan Raghavan
MA ’17
International Development
First Year: SAIS Europe
Krishnan decided to apply to Johns Hopkins SAIS because of the strong quantitative component of the curriculum. Having worked in the development field in communications roles, he wanted to hone his analytical skills to complement his communications experience. Professionally, he is interested in refugee relief, development in fragile states, and post-conflict reconstruction. He therefore knew he wanted to attend a school with strong conflict management and international development departments and Johns Hopkins SAIS was the only institution that fit the bill. Moreover, he was happy to have the chance to spend one year studying in Italy.
Prior to his graduate studies, Krishnan worked in refugee relief and humanitarian response in Nairobi, Kenya, for two years. Before that, he also spent time working in refugee resettlement in northern California, and a year teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand as a Princeton in Asia fellow.
Outside the classroom, Krishnan was the editor of Perspectives, the student-run publication of the International Development program. He also joined several study trips, including the career trek to Geneva, Switzerland, and the study trip on post-conflict reconstruction in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Krishnan will soon be working with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, as a Regional Livelihoods Specialist based in Tunis, Tunisia and covering Francophone North Africa. His role will be to provide technical support to UNHCR and its partners in the region to design and implement projects that provide refugees and asylum-seekers with sustainable livelihoods opportunities.

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HNC on the Road: 2017 Campus Visits and Virtual Info Sessions

By |August 22nd, 2017|APSIA Member Blog Posts|

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center admissions team will be on the road again this fall! This year we are going to over 100 schools across the United States and Canada. Admissions representatives will be holding info sessions, visiting Chinese classes, and hold...

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Summer School in Montenegro: A Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity to Gain Different Perspectives on the EU Project and its Future

By |August 18th, 2017|APSIA Member Blog Posts|

Every summer, the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development (CCSDD) and the Institute of Social Sciences in Belgrade organize a week-long European Union & Legal Reform (EULR) Summer School in Igalo, Montenegro.

Utpala Menon, a student pursuing the International Law concentration, who completed her first year of the Master of Arts (MA) at SAIS Europe, tells us about her experience.

Utpala Menon
Before attending Johns Hopkins SAIS, the Balkans was an unfamiliar place, both in terms of its geopolitical and cultural intricacies. Hence attending the EULR Summer School in Montenegro was more than just an academic exercise. The decision stemmed out of genuine curiosity about the region, fomented by the timing of the start of my journey at Johns Hopkins SAIS in 2016, a year marked by radical alterations in the EU project, and in attitudes towards populism politics and migration.

The Summer School’s lectures and round-table debates covered an array of subjects. We began the week discussing Brexit, especially through the lens of the UK's and other European countries' historical vision for the EU project. This was particularly interesting as students from the Region voiced a certain sense of unprecedented ‘Euro-skepticism’. The discussions exposed the full impact of Brexit, including its legal and economic implications on both Europe and the world.

We participated in a stimulating debate on whether candidate countries should express caution in their integration, asking questions like: "Are they ready for integration?" and "Is the EU ready for them?" In the wake of Brexit, this meant truly questioning the socio-economic consequences of EU integration for candidate and potential candidate countries, which include economies of the former Yugoslavia such as Montenegro, Serbia, and Albania as well as Eastern European economies like Ukraine.

Utpala (third from left) and
her classmates in Igalo, Montenegro
We also learnt about the legal nature of preambles and more abstract concepts of identities. These nuanced lectures proved useful in understanding what motivates some countries to move towards greater integration and differing attitudes towards the migration crisis. What is more, the expertise and contributions of faculty such as Prof. Justin Frosini, Director of the CCSDD, and Marko Milenkovic, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at SAIS Europe, added depth and breadth to this already enriching experience.

The Summer School was a once in a lifetime experience for me. It brought together students from diverse backgrounds with intriguing and inspiring experiences as prosecutors, lawyers, and economists. It allowed us to make new friends and to take field trips around the coast of Montenegro and to Tito's villa. Above all, in an age of transforming political and economic landscapes, the insightful faculty presentations, round-table discussions, and challenging debates provided a unique and unforgettable opportunity to learn about different perspectives on the EU project and its future.

Utpala Menon
MA Student
SAIS Europe 2017

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The Online Application is Now Live

By |August 11th, 2017|APSIA Member Blog Posts|

Prospective applicants interested in the graduate programs offered at Johns Hopkins SAIS can now open an account to begin an application for the 2018-19 academic year. 

You can start your application now by clicking on this link, you can save it and return to it as many times as you like. As you complete the application form, be sure to have the instructions at hand, which you can find on this page.

Applicants to SAIS Europe will be able to apply to one of the five programs offered at our campus in Bologna, Italy:

- Master of Arts (MA)
- Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA)
- Master of Arts in Global Risk (MAGR)
- Master of International Public Policy (MIPP)
- Diploma in International Studies

The programs have different requirements for admission as well as for graduation. In coming months we will host different online and in-person events to help prospective students learn more about our academic offerings.

Click here for a calendar of events. The next event will be an online information session on September 7, 2017 from 12-1 p.m. CEST during which you will have the chance to learn more about our programs, our application procedures, and you will be able to ask us any questions. To connect click on this link and enter as a guest. All you’ll need is a computer and an internet connection.

Amina Abdiuahab

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Publication Series Features Hopkins-Nanjing Center

By |August 9th, 2017|APSIA Member Blog Posts|

For several years, Nanjing University and the Hopkins-Nanjing Center have jointly published a series of books in Chinese and English that feature subjects and authors related to US-China relations and/or the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. The most recent book, The Hopkins-Nanjing Center Book of Memories, celebrates all things HNC as a 30th anniversary tribute. Edited by the co-directors of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center in 2016, it features interviews and fond remembrances from former faculty, students, and staff.  It also includes a selection of academic and Commencement speeches delivered at the HNC over the past 30 years.  Short pieces, all of them in both Chinese and English, range from academic to humorous and sentimental. Those who see the HNC as an important chapter in their life are guaranteed to find something or someone they remember in these pages!  

All the books in the Series, which is collectively called The United States, China, and the Contemporary World, are described briefly below and can be purchased on www.amazon.cn by searching for the book title in Chinese or English.  Note that some books are bilingual and others are in Chinese only.

Title:  Hopkins-Nanjing Center Book of Memories

Authors: 何成洲,顾百里  Chengzhou He, Cornelius C. Kubler
Published: June 2016
This bilingual book features articles and speeches by HNC students, alumni, faculty, and staff, drawing on 30 years of HNC history. It was edited by the HNC’s Chinese Co-Director Chengzhou He and former American Co-Director Neil Kubler.

Title: 中国绿色转型之路
The Road of China’s Green Transition
Author: 黄海峰  Haifeng Huang
Published: June 2016
Haifeng Huang. a 1992 graduate of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, is currently professor at Peking University’s HSBC business school and director of the Green Economy research center. This book is in Chinese only. It introduces the green economy applications of several Chinese cities, companies, and social welfare organizations that represent China’s gradual turn away from a “carbon economy” era, and makes a strong case for China’s pressing need for a green economy.

Title: Chinese and American Cultural Studies in the Global Context
Editors: 程爱民,潘望编  Aimin Cheng, Wangbian Pan
Published June 2016
Published in June 2016, this book presents papers presented at a conference held at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center in 2015.  Cheng and Pang are both professors at Nanjing University.  The collected articles, most in Chinese and several in English, are from the fields of linguistics, humanities, and culture and probe the latest state of cultural exchange between the United States and China.

Title: 以小搏大:越美巴黎谈判(1968-1973)
Asymmetric Game: Paris Negotiations Between Vietnam and The United States (1968-1973)
Author: 程晓燕Xiaoyan Cheng
Published Dec. 2015
This book in Chinese uses historical data to provide a detailed account of the Paris Peace Accords.  Xiaoyan Cheng was a visiting scholar at the Hopkins Nanjing Center and is currently is a professor at Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. 

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