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Become a part of the Link EUS story and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of cultural exchange. You’ll gain real-world experience in the cultural sector and will get involved in our day-to-day activities. Being a new and emerging business, you’ll be able to shape Link EUS’ future together with us working on issues that directly impacts our development.

Link EUS aims to strengthen the cultural bond between Europe and the US by creating a place where both Europeans and Americans can learn, discuss and celebrate together.

Why do we need a European cultural center?
We believe that there is a common identity among Europeans – something that
connects us beyond our national differences. The need for a space where people can live and explore this European culture is therefore a logic consequence. We seek to promote a wide-ranging debate about what constitutes a European identity. That way, we want to make European citizens more enthusiastic for a united Europe.


If you’re interested, please send a cover letter and your resumé to [email protected]