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Remote Geopolitical Risk Analyst

Foreign Brief is an industry-leading source of geopolitical risk insights. We help our readers make sense of the world and deconstruct complex global events in a coherent and contextualized way. The team of global analysts produces long-form assessments on the most critical political, economic, and strategic developments. By linking current events to medium- and long-term geopolitical trends, we provide actionable, forward-looking analysis on global risk developments. We aim to provide reporting and analysis that is insightful, engaging, and — above all else — accurate.

Our work is forward-looking and grounded in rigorous and thorough research. We provide situational awareness about global developments. Foreign Brief runs on the passion of our members and their dedication to producing relevant and, preferably, niche, topical and regional compositions. As such, this role is entirely voluntary.

We are seeking writers and editors specializing in one of the following regions: East Asia, the Indo-Pacific, Latin/Central America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, or the former USSR. A commitment to writing at least one 1,000-word article per month is essential to the role. The ability to speak a language from your region of interest is a plus.

Applicants should be pursuing, or have already graduated from, a master’s level or doctoral program. This qualification may be substituted for 3+ years of professional writing/editing experience.

The new team member will gain practical experience while also building both a global network, working cooperatively with our 50-person team spanning the US, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia, and a global profile, as more than half of our readers are outside the US. The risk analyst will further benefit from the opportunity to take on management positions within Foreign Brief and from both a highly flexible schedule and an accommodative, fully remote working environment.

To get involved, please email your resume/CV and a ~1,000-word writing sample to [email protected] In the subject line, please write the following: “FB Risk Analysis <Your Name> <Regional Specialization>