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Leland International Hunger Fellowship

The Leland International Hunger Fellowship is a two-year program of the Congressional Hunger Center

The Leland Fellowship trains emerging leaders in the movement to end hunger worldwide. Each class of 12-15 fellows develops the skills needed to become effective change agents, advancing the goal of a hunger free world by strengthening host orgs and bringing greater food security at the field (in a global south location) & policy level (in HQ or regional office of host org).

Because this two-year Leland fellowship is funded primarily by the US federal government to support the development of future US leaders (per federal authorization) the program is only open to US citizens and permanent legal residents.  Applicants who’ve received Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are not eligible to serve as Leland Fellows at this time.

The Fellow Application and Application Guide can be found on the Congressional Hunger Center website at and this Hunger Center application must be completed by all applicants. The application deadline is January 13th, 2023. Fellows selected for the program will begin their first year of the fellowship in October 2023.


Apply through this link and ensure you have read the application guide: