Stories from Our Community

Ariel Chiang (MA 2019)

A native of Taiwan, Ariel spent a year studying abroad in Alexandria, Virginia when she was in high school. She enjoyed the experience so much that when researching graduate programs in international relations, Johns Hopkins SAIS’ location in Washington, DC was instantly a top choice. The chance to network with renowned experts on Taiwan and other international issues was also a strong incentive. In addition, she was drawn to the school’s Conflict Management Program for its wealth of resources and world-class faculty. She also believed the school’s focus on quantitative skills would give her a competitive edge in her future career. Ariel believes that to be an expert in the field of international relations, Washington, DC is a top city that provides many valuable learning opportunities and the school does an excellent job in preparing students for those opportunities.

Ariel said that one of the aspects she enjoys most about the graduate program is that it provides skills courses, such as those focused on data visualization and consulting, which Ariel said she has found very beneficial. As a result, she has become more confident in her future career search. Ariel said that it is exciting to expand her knowledge of these areas while studying international relations.

This summer, Ariel is working with the Party Development team at the National Democratic Institute in Washington, DC, where she will contribute to supporting the development of multiparty systems and encourage political participation throughout the world.

After graduating, Ariel would like to work in the consulting field focused on conflict management and political risk analysis. She is also looking at opportunities to work for the government of Taiwan. She is excited to see where life takes her.