Stories from Our Community

Becca Corazzi (MA 2019)

During the summer prior to her senior year in college, Becca interned with the State Department at the US Mission to the United Nations in New York City. At the UN, multiple colleagues encouraged Becca to continue onto graduate school after completing her undergrad degree, and Johns Hopkins SAIS was consistently mentioned as being one of the top programs for international relations. With a goal of entering the Foreign Service and the experience of working alongside Foreign Service Officers, it made sense for Becca to follow their advice. She knew that Johns Hopkins SAIS had an impressive reputation within the field and being in the heart of everything in Washington, DC would be a huge benefit for her. In addition, the school stood out from other institutions because of its economics program, which Becca believed would set her apart from other candidates when it came time for her to apply for jobs.

Getting to know her fellow classmates has been one of Becca’s top experiences at the school so far. Every day she is surrounded by colleagues who come from a wide array of backgrounds offering different perspectives in the classroom. Networking with classmates at weekly happy hours, student-run clubs, or extra-curricular activities like the school’s crisis simulation has been a priceless experience. Becca has learned something new every day from talented peers who constantly motivate her to do better.

Becca is looking forward to her fall classes where she will examine issues that she is not currently familiar with alongside world-renown professors who are experts in their field. She is also excited to continue to take advantage of the many discussions with global leaders that the school hosts. She learned so much last year from guest speakers such as Bill Gates, Gloria Estefan, and General David Petraeus. Lastly, Becca is looking forward to participating in career treks and activities on campus, including the Cherry Blossom Ball, the international dinner, and of course, cookie hour!

After graduating, Becca plans to work in the federal government or a multilateral organization.