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Steinberg on US-China cooperation amid COVID-19

Steinberg op-ed in NAR urges more US-China cooperation amid COVID-19

James Steinberg, University Professor of Social Science, International Affairs and Law and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, urges the United States and China to work together in his op-ed for Nikkei Asian Review “China and U.S. must cooperate to lead world out of coronavirus danger.” Steinberg writes, “China and the U.S. together bear a special responsibility to pick up this call and lead the global response, just as they did in 2008-09. But to do so will require a fundamental rethinking about the direction of their relationship… It will be hard to sustain meaningful cooperation for this and other looming crises if each side treats the other as a rival and potential enemy competing for power and influence everywhere."

James Steinberg, an internationally recognized expert in public affairs and foreign policy, teaches the core gateway course for all MAIR students—International Issues and Actors—bringing his extensive real-world policy experience to the classroom.