Stories from Our Community

Tristan Van Kote (MA 2019)

Tristan applied to Johns Hopkins SAIS because he wanted to partake in a program with strong quantitative courses while learning the specifics of energy policy and economics within the context of global warming. He was also drawn by the eclectic student body and the possibility to learn from various perspectives in the heart of the United States capital.

Prior to graduate school, Tristan worked for a non-profit facilitating exchanges between the EU and the US regarding judicial, economic, and security issues. He had the honor to meet experts and representatives of both sides of the Atlantic and learn firsthand about the future of EU-US relations.

One aspect Tristan appreciates most about the school is the opportunity to develop strong connections with his peers regardless of each other’s respective concentrations, and share the knowledge they have gained from their various classes.

This summer, Tristan is interning at Veolia, a leading environmental company in energy, water, and waste, where he is researching business challenges and opportunities. The internship has been a valuable experience for Tristan, and as a Franco-American, he has found it personally fulfilling to work for a French multinational company in the US.

After graduating, Tristan would like to work for an entity that promotes the development of clean and efficient energy solutions, pushing for more resilient and sustainable communities amid climate change.