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Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies

The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies is dedicated to improving the human condition through rigorous and creative undergraduate, graduate, and professional education; path-breaking research; and active engagement in innovative initiatives that apply this education and knowledge to make a real-world difference in the critical challenges humanity faces.

The Pardee School offers nine rigorous, interdisciplinary master’s programs and two graduate certificates. Our approach breaks down disciplinary boundaries – Pardee students study not only international politics, but also history, economics, environmental studies, sociology, anthropology, and more. This broad-based curriculum enables our students to build a holistic understanding of global affairs.

The Pardee School offers students access to a broad range of resources and faculty expertise. Come engage with a distinguished faculty that includes both accomplished scholars and skilled practitioners drawn from the worlds of diplomacy, intelligence, economic development, environmental sustainability, and military affairs.

Peace that lasts, development that works, knowledge that transforms. At the Pardee School, we are educating the next generation of leaders ready to tackle the critical issues of the global future. Explore our programs and find the one that is right for you.

Degree Programs

  • MA in International Affairs (MAIA)
  • MA in Global Policy (MGP)
  • MA in International Relations (MAIR)
  • MA in Latin American Studies (LAS MA)
  • International Relations & Juris Doctor
  • International Relations & Master of Business Administration
  • Certificate in African Studies
  • Certificate in Asian Studies
  • Certificate in Latin American Studies
  • Certificate in Muslim Studies

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Pardee Students Gain Insights and Connections in Washington D.C. Networking Trip

Pardee Students Gain Insights and Connections in Washington D.C. Networking Trip

Pardee School graduate students embarked on an educational journey to Washington D.C., exploring humanitarian causes, global economic challenges, peacebuilding efforts, and defense research. The trip included visits to prominent organizations, discussions with experts, and networking opportunities, providing invaluable insights and fostering meaningful connections within the field of international affairs....

Pardee Students Lead Inaugural Graduate Research Conference

Pardee Students Lead Inaugural Graduate Research Conference

The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University recently hosted its first annual Pardee Atlas Graduate Research Conference on April 19, 2024. The student-led conference, organized by the editorial team of the Pardee Atlas Journal of Global Affairs, brought together graduate students from across the Greater Boston area to present their research and engage in discussions around the theme of “Global Challenges and Solutions for the 21st Century.” The conference featured a diverse range of presentations from students at institutions including Boston University, Harvard University, Brandeis University, and others. Topics spanned issues in global education, health, humanitarian crises, geopolitics, and security. “When I first started my graduate degree, I wanted to see more engagement between graduate students and give my fellow colleagues the opportunity to share their work and views on global issues impacting us today,” said Manpreet Singh, Editor-in-Chief of the Pardee Atlas Journal and co-chair of the conference. “With the leadership of my fellow co-chairs Brooke Van Ackooy and Alexis Moran, I am excited to see this vision come to life through our inaugural conference.” Harvard Kennedy students present research. The conference provided a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, with presentations covering subjects like teacher shortages in the Philippines and Venezuela, cost-effectiveness of HPV vaccination programs in Russia and Nigeria, impacts of the Taliban regime on gender and ethnic rights in Afghanistan, and the emergence of paramilitary organizations in post-Soviet Russia, among others. “It was a pleasure working with both Brooke and Alexis as we built the foundation for future conferences,” Singh added. “Thank you to all the presenters for taking the time to share your work and engage in lively discussion. I also want to thank the Dean’s Office and Pardee School administrative team for their support in making this event possible.” The conference organizers plan for this to become an annual event, fostering dialogue and collaboration among the next generation of global leaders and thinkers in the Boston area. Participant Justin Dynia, LASMA ’24, reflected positively on the conference stating, “We all learned a lot from each other and the future feels brighter knowing about their dedicated efforts to make our world a better place.“...

Professor Jessica Stern Awarded Prestigious Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Grant

Professor Jessica Stern Awarded Prestigious Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Grant

Professor Jessica Stern of Boston University's Pardee School has been awarded a prestigious Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation grant for her research on violent extremism intervention. The grant recognizes Stern's significant contributions to understanding the causes and manifestations of violence, and her expertise on terrorism and violent extremism....