Assistant Professor of International Relations

The Department of Political Science at Morgan State University invites applicants to apply for a full-time tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor. The Assistant Professor must hold the Ph. D in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. The Assistant Professor is expected to teach undergraduate and upper-level courses as well as graduate courses in International Studies. The courses include International Relations, Political Theory, Comparative Governments, and Foreign Affairs. The Assistant Professor is expected to teach one regional area such as Europe, sub-Sahara Africa, Asia, Middle East and North Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Occasionally, the applicant may teach critical topics such as International Problems, Politics of Climate Changes, and Migration and must be willing to engage in inter/transdisciplinary collaborations in teaching.

In addition to teaching, duties will include research, service to the program, university, and the community, especially initiating and participating in student-centered activities, and helping students to develop skills that are fundamental to a liberal education such as critical thinking and analytical writing.


The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. with a concentration in International Relations from an accredited College or University.


The successful candidate is expected to commit to excellence; to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all students; contribute to student learning and an ability and willingness to participate actively in the Department’s advisement of students and service responsibilities.


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