Future Pacing Threats Fellow

The Institute for Future Conflict (IFC) welcomes applications for a Future Pacing Threats Fellow to begin in August 2024. As the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) continues to place greater emphasis on preparing its graduates to better anticipate and drive changes in the character of future conflict, the need to ensure the entire academic curriculum can be directly related to service in the profession of arms has become more important than ever before. The fellow will join a robust cohort of fellows and scholars, all working to ensure that cadets are adequately prepared to prevail in future conflicts in whatever form they may take.

In particular, the IFC is looking to hire someone with significant experience in either the military, policy making, or academia focused on the People’s Republic of China (PRC) or Russia. The Future Pacing Threats fellow will be expected to contribute in three key areas: teaching, training, and research.

On the teaching side, the fellow will teach one course per semester. The course will be in support of IFC’s minor in future conflict and will be determined in consultation with the IFC associate director. The fellow will also be called upon to guest lecture, provide briefings on short notice, and otherwise contribute to the intellectual life of the academy.

The Future Pacing Threats Fellow will also play an active role in cadet training, primarily – although not exclusively – through developing and participating in annual exercises at USAFA.

Finally, the fellow will be expected to produce scholarship and policy-relevant research and publications focused on either the PRC or Russia.

The Future Pacing Threats Fellow will work directly for the Associate Director of the Institute for Future Conflict, and will present semi-annual (once a semester) progress updates of this plan to the IFC director, associate director, and Air Force Foundation Liaison. These updates will also be presented, in the form of a memo, to the Air Force Foundation.

The contract length for this position is 2 years, the first year of which is a trial period. The annual rate for the contract will start at $175,000 – $200,00 based on experience. The individual chosen to fill this role will serve the United States Air Force Academy through a DD-2793 Form. This contract will be compensated by the Air Force Academy Foundation (“Foundation”) and the individual filling this position will be considered a 1099 independent contractor. This contract is an in-person contract and cannot be conducted remotely. The Contract will have reporting requirements and deadlines throughout the contract period.

1. Either operational experience at the O-6 level or above, an advanced degree (preferably a PhD), or policy experience
2. Experience or the ability to teach at the undergraduate or graduate level
3. Either an existing body of scholarly or policy publications or the potential to build such a body
4. Familiarity with current and future Department of Defense and Department of Air Force plans and priorities regarding pacing threats
5. Have or be able to obtain a TS/SCI clearance

Learn more at https://globaljobs.org/jobs/41166


To Apply, please submit the following materials to 2nd Lt. Calvin Swafford: calvin.swafford@afacademy.af.edu:

1. Cover Letter explaining your qualifications and fit for the position
2. CV or resume
3. Proof of clearance, if applicable