Manager (Business Development Strategy & Planning)

The Manager will work in a dynamic and international environment, in which the main mission is to empower leaders with the skills to thrive in a complex, fast changing world. The LKY School of Public Policy Executive Education consists of a highly trained, fast-moving, and client-oreinted team dedicated to marry innovative policy practices with the latest theories and approaches in public policy and administration to deliver top educational experiences to our clients. Annually, we train over 1,800 professionals in governments, business, and non-profit organizations from Singapore, Asia, and the rest of the world. The Manager is an outreach and programme delivery focused role, which would suit someone who not only have skills to develop programmes, manage stakeholders and deliver complex projects, but also the mindset for analysis, business judgment, and innovative thinking. S/he will assist in decision-making processes, programme content development, and in supporting Executive Education’s plan for regional growth.

Main responsibilies include:
1. Business and Strategy Development
2. Programme Development and Management
3. Programme Administration