Application FAQs: Academic Transcripts

Application FAQs: Academic Transcripts

We’ve covered letters of recommendation and GRE/GMAT test

requirements. Next up in our application FAQ series? Academic transcripts. 


use transcripts from the colleges and universities you have attended to see what coursework you have previously taken and evaluate how well you performed in those classes.

Do I need to submit official copies of my transcripts to apply?

You may upload unofficial copies of your transcripts for purposes

of submitting your application. However, if you are admitted and decide to enroll at HKS,

you must

have your issuing institution send us official copies of your transcripts and degree conferrals if

you received a degree.

If I studied abroad for a semester during my undergrad degree, do I need to

submit a transcript from that institution?

You will need to submit separate transcripts for study

abroad programs if your home institution did not report your grades, courses,

and dates of attendance. Many transcripts only note that your home institution

received the credits, but we will need to see the specific courses and grades

you received for these classes.

My transcript is not in English. Should I submit a translation of my


Transcripts and diplomas in languages other than English

must be translated by your issuing institution or a certified translation

service. We must receive the original and translated versions. We do not have a

preferred translation service, but often recommend World Education Services (WES).

You are not required to submit a credential evaluation from

WES, but we strongly encourage you to do so if your transcript is in a language

other than English.

If I am currently enrolled in courses, what kind of documentation should I


If you are currently enrolled in classes or a

degree-granting program, we need proof of enrollment that includes a list of

your current classes. We do not need to see grades if they are not available,

but we will need to see classes.