Application tips: Recommendations!

Application tips: Recommendations!

Returning to our Application tips series ahead of the January 10 scholarship priority deadline! A few words below on recommendations.

Crafting compelling recommendation letters is a pivotal component of your application to The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. These letters serve as a window into your identity as a student, professional, and community contributor, offering valuable insights for our admissions committee to assess your alignment with the ethos of Fletcher.

While it may be tempting to seek recommendations from high-ranking individuals within your professional network, the true strength of a recommendation lies in its depth and specificity. We have observed that the most impactful letters often emanate from direct supervisors, professors, mentors, and colleagues who have intimately collaborated with the applicant. These individuals are better positioned to articulate your unique qualities and accomplishments with a wealth of firsthand experience.

In approaching potential recommenders, engage in transparent conversations about your request. Ensure that they are not only willing but genuinely enthusiastic about championing your candidacy. Emphasize the importance of discussing your goals and aspirations in the realm of international affairs, allowing them to tailor their insights accordingly. Grant your recommenders ample time to compose their letters, fostering an environment conducive to thoughtful reflection rather than hurried efforts. Also, plan to share your personal statement with your recommender so you can have a more cohesive feel to your application.

In essence, the key is to enlist individuals who possess a profound understanding of your character and can articulate your strengths with sincerity and confidence. By forging connections with recommenders who truly know you, your recommendation letters will play a pivotal role in presenting a comprehensive and authentic portrayal of your readiness for The Fletcher School.