Birendra’s spring break

Birendra’s spring break

Birendra in Central ParkSpring break just went by, meaning differently for different students. For some this was an opportunity to explore the USA, some visited family and friends, some just did some unwinding and as for me – I took the opportunity to engage in some more in-depth research in topics relating to humanitarian justice and writing two papers (with support of two of my professors, one in the UN and another at the world bank).

But I did visit New York (for a visa to Poland). The visit to NY I will term “relaxingly hectic.” There is so much to see and relax you that by end of it you are tired.

Birendra with a group at the ICCMy trip to Poland representing the Fletcher School at the Model International Criminal Court, was testimonial to the fact that society was evolving and lawyers were fiercely independent now.

At Poland, 19 countries – 50 select law students (including myself and Rahul Desarda representing The Fletcher School) had congregated under the aegis of Erasmus+ (An European Union initiative) at the historic Krzysowa Palace, Poland, which hosted the secret ‘Kreisau Circle’ comprising German highest ranked commanders who disagreed with Hitler.

The congregation simulated two WWII and a later 1994 Rwanda Genocide landmark case in light of the International Criminal Court and Rome statute of 1998. The outcome was history-changing in effect:  All three judgements were OVERTURNED, proved wrong in context of contemporary criminal laws and societal thought process

Birendra and Sunita with Sunita's artTwo conferences also happened – The Tufts energy conference and The Religion, Law and Diplomacy conference where I was a part of the organizing team. People from all over the world participated, creating a cross-cultural milieu of thinkers, or in Fletcher terms, the  ‘Interpretive community and  civil society came together’ to brainstorm issues with global implications. The Tufts Energy Conference focused on containing temperature rise to 1.5•c by 2050, and related energy security issues. The Fletcher school was kind to request and invite my wife Sunita to exhibit her artwork, which she did in doing some art related to the topics.

The time was opportune for me to slip away for a day break to the fairy land of the world – the picturesque city of Prague. Birendra in Prague

But did I miss the Holi celebration on campus, held this March….

Holi celebration outside Ginn Library


Looking forward to meeting some of you readers as Alums of Fletcher, some day!