Capstone haikus

Capstone haikus

Big news today, readers – capstone haikus are back! “Back” may be something of a relative term, as it’s entirely possible they’ve simply flown beneath my personal radar in the past year or two. In any case, the student Social List is positively abuzz with one of my favorite Fletcher traditions. It’s a great opportunity for students to crack both wise and sincere about their own work, and hopefully to decompress a bit from the stress of the last few weeks of school.


Capstone Practicum,

Helped evacuate Afghans.

State Department: Woof.

Bombs at power plants

Oh my god please don’t do that

Proof is case studies

Global Competence

What does that even mean bruh

What do I do now

Extremism or nah?

right wing, left wing, all the same

partition ain’t nice

wounding, embodied

and psychoanalytic

violence persists

Refugees, good luck

Learning about USA

Curricula lies

Countries tell UN

Greenhouse emissions numbers

But they don’t match, why??

am i clever bot?

climate displacement forecast

AI knows, but we do not

Climate or economy?

If industrial policy go brr

Green growth obviates choice

Serbia, Egypt, too

Nonviolent resistance blooms

Dictators in doom

Sacred cows and polls,

Politicians make their goals,

India’s story told

Tiktok: let it be

Or ban. Nat sec, privacy

Maybe wait and see?

Famine could define

the humanitarian

landscape for some time

Angry terrorist

Blocked on all social media

Now he’s really mad

Women always Crying

Is the Pakistani Media really sexist?

International Law says “Bad”

Asylum seekers

Nowhere to go and today

Same, yet much harder

Financial Crisis

Kuwait Dubai, all the same

Same Behavior duh

Tibet, Palestine,

The State tries to control; but,

Made more insecure.

ban tiktok? no thanks!

sadly, i am addicted

help me go viral

bad guys or good guys

good food, strong culture – long wars

Thanks a lot London

The stateless people

Have rights through the laws you made

Stop being so mean

Burkina Faso

Climate change, drought, conflict? Probs

Mostly politics

Powerful states like informal orgs

G20 rocks UN sucks

Mo’ power Mo’ problems

Fletcher’s May sorrow,

Graduation sans summer cheer,

Climate change takes toll.

Colombian peace?

Gender issues still amiss

No women no peace!

Cobalt: we need it

US and friends don’t have it

Which could be quite bad

Turkey, Turkiye

What the f***

Brace yourselves

Elections comin up

Social media

Misinfo policies: tons

Just bad enforcement

Cold is bearable,

The north star, north, south, east, west

I am from the North.

A tool of our time,

AI wields its power to fight

Falsehoods on the web

Hackers like pirates,

We can crush their safe havens,

But probably won’t.