Emma’s spring break recap

Emma’s spring break recap

It’s time for me to live vicariously through our students as we learn what they got up to over spring break. Setting a high bar for my jealousy is Emma, enjoying some well-deserved rest and sunshine amid a busy semester.

Fletcher students in the snowGreetings Fletcher Admissions Blog readers! I cannot believe I am already writing another update as we are halfway through the spring semester. We Bostonians have gotten through the thick of winter, including two brutal snowstorms. However, we Fletcher students did not hesitate to engage in a snow war between the first and second years on Fletcher Field following the first snowstorm.

Emma and friends in MexicoI thankfully escaped the cold and headed to Mexico for the first time for a much-needed spring break. We spent most of the time in Tulum, briefly stopping in Cancun for easier airport access. My friends and I had quite the adventure and enjoyed plenty of sunshine, margaritas, and tacos. I am so thankful that one of us spoke fluent Spanish since I might have overestimated my Duolingo Level 1 Spanish skills.

Whenever I travel, I like to take note of the cultural differences and lifestyles, with the first usually being that food abroad seems to taste better than in the US. Everywhere we went had fresh, flavorful food. My friend said that in Mexico, people buy tortillas multiple times a day to ensure they are fresh when making a new meal. Then, the next morning they use leftover tortillas to make a delicious breakfast dish called Chilaquiles, fried tortillas soaked in salsa and topped with taco fixings. On our first night in Tulum, we had our one “treat yourself” meal at a nice restaurant in the Hotel Zone and explored the area.

Emma and friends boating in TulumIn the following days, we biked to the beach and enjoyed the sun, explored the downtown area, and went to the Gran Cenote, a limestone cave with a large swimming area and stunning, blue-green water.

We took in some history by visiting the Mayan ruins that date back to the 13th century. I particularly liked learning about the Temple of the Wind God, a sanctuary that overlooks the Caribbean. Historically, the Mayans used the temple for religious and ceremonial purposes, but the holes in the temple also warned Mayans of incoming hurricanes since they whistled when strong winds blew in from the sea. One of the more memorable highlights of the trip was a boat ride to the second largest coral reef in the world to swim with turtles, fish, and stingrays!

Overall, we had an incredible time in Mexico and returned with many memories and stories. I made a brief stop in Atlanta on the way back to visit my stepsister. We went to the Georgia Aquarium and got proper southern breakfast food. We are back and running in Boston, AKA freezing in my winter coat. I am excited for what the rest of the semester brings and hoping to figure out a summer plan and capstone idea in the next few weeks! Lastly, congratulations to all the newly accepted students, and I hope to see you on campus in the fall!