New student bloggers: Introducing Birendra

New student bloggers: Introducing Birendra

Birendra AgarwalAbout an year ago, I was considering moving out of the corporate world and  giving up my swanky job, as I felt this was my time to return to society. The Director of my Law College confirmed  my conviction and said  “Fletcher is the place for you.”

Sure enough, I happily landed at Fletcher, and a new journey of life began.

It all began with  the great American naturalization for an Indian coming to the USA for the first time. Actually, it is an overstatement – because at Fletcher one feels to be part of the family from day one, the multi-ethnicity environment at Fletcher being the great enabler!

I must mention that the classes do appear to be cumbersome with all the readings, at least they appear so at the first instance. But, when you find yourself able to contribute to, and engage with, the class  with ease, you realize the power of a great curriculum curated.

The avenues provided for furthering your ambitions in being in a coterie of like minded persons are almost infinite and one finds the ball in his/her own court. Today, I am actively participating in three clubs namely, Tufts Energy Conference; Religion, Law and Diplomacy Conference; and am authoring for Praxis, an in-house publication.

Birendra in the Hall of Flags‘Age is only a number’ they say. Who and where can one prove this better but me at Fletcher? I feel years younger in the company of those in their twenties with mutual learning by each being a given in this dynamic environment.

Continuous engagement and interaction with the best experts and professionals in the world is a unique boon of Fletcher. The icing on the cake was having met and heard from the ASG (Legal) of the UN, Dr Stephen Mathias in person at Fletcher this week.


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