Perspectives on anti-racism in the HKS curriculum

Perspectives on anti-racism in the HKS curriculum


Excerpt from the HBS MBA Voices Blog

In fall 2020, the Harvard Kennedy School incorporated a

new module on Race and Racism in the Making of the United States as a

Global Super power into the MPP core curriculum. The module was created in

response to calls by the student-led HKS Equity Coalition for a course on the

history of race and inequity. Led by Professors Khalil Gibran Muhammad and

Sandra Susan Smith, the course was designed to ensure a consistent

understanding of the race and racism not as tangential to U.S. history, but “at

the heart of the American project.”

Two HBS/HKS joint degree students, Morgan Brewton-Johnson

and Austin Boral, shared their thoughts on the course for the HBS blog, MBA


Why was the course so


Morgan: The course was essential

because racism and structural inequality have been essential to the

construction of policy and power in the U.S., and it would be impossible to

learn policy at Harvard without a comprehensive understanding of that reality.

How effective was the course?

Austin: In providing a foundation

for all first-year MPPs, the course ensured that conversations about race and

racism could continue throughout the semester on common ground.


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