SSE's President Lars Strannegård elected Chair of CEMS

SSE's President Lars Strannegård elected Chair of CEMS

“In these times of war, economic turmoil and renationalisations, CEMS is more important than ever.  Our values: integrity, humility, cultural diversity, respect and empathy are guiding lights for the world as a whole,” said Prof Strannegård.

“I hope to increase collaboration between all members and partners and see CEMS setting the agenda for how business schools need to develop in the future,” he said.

CEMS graduates all speak three languages (including English) and will have studied in at least two countries during their time on the programme.  “The CEMS MIM provides students with a global outlook, profound knowledge and an ability to navigate the world with a clear values compass.  The fact that they get to see the world, get to know students from all over the globe, in combination with experiencing other cultures first-hand is an invaluable combination,” he said.

Professor Strannegård succeeds Professor Greg Whitwell, Dean of the University of Sydney Business School.  “Greg’s curiosity, kindness, analytical ability, and humour have been key assets for CEMS.  He leaves the Alliance stronger than when he came in, that is the best receipt of a job very well done,” said Professor Strannegard.

Founded more than 30 years ago as a pan-European organization, CEMS has members in South Korea, Canada, the United States, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Chile, Japan, Brazil, Egypt and Australia.  The CEMS MIM is delivered to around 1,200 students from about 60 different countries annually.

“I am honoured and humble for the trust that the Alliance has put in me.  I am so looking forward to working in this fantastic network of interesting, kind and professional individuals all over the world,” said Professor Strannegård. “I have dedicated my professional life to higher education and CEMS is such a powerful network for having an impact on the future. CEMS graduates have the potential to push boundaries and create a better, more sustainable world.”

Professor Kamel commented: “It is a great privilege to be appointed as the CEMS Deputy-Chair and have the opportunity to serve the CEMS community – a global intellectual powerhouse that continues to have a sustainable and scalable impact on various societies. Through its innovative academic offerings, developmental projects, and alumni activities, including the Master in International Management – the CEMS flagship program – CEMS provides learners with a unique learning experience and cultural exposure while connecting to an influential alumni network, business schools, corporates, and social partners. I look forward to working with my colleagues from across the CEMS business schools’ network on what I firmly believe is invaluable to the global society; that is, to help shape the future business leaders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to make a difference in society.”